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Lump sum story

Yea… so I have no time to update my blog.. more like idea terbantut diseparuh jalan.. i started to write 3 lines and that is it.. i gone blank.. but today i feel like writing and telling stories..

SO after Tabur.. I took my diving certification..! woot woot!! it was just amazingly awesome.. I had always wanted to do it.. but didn’t get the time to do it.. no money to pay for it.. and didn’t have someone to do it with.. And this time, I got all of ’em to do it.. So not wasting that moment, I just went on and do it even though deep inside, I am a little scared.. the scared is different from climbing walls, hills etc.. I would always imagine, I’ll get my ears damaged or my lung pop like a balloon and I started coughing blood.. urghhh~~!

But the instructor and my group was awesome.. maybe because they are still young LIKE MOI.. so we made it fun.. hehehe.. the first dive in open water was definitely the one i would remember forever.. I didn’t pop my ears correctly and it hurts.. i thought it would go away after awhile but it was still there and i started imagining stuff; blood coming out of my ears, my eardrums pops off.. and that’s when i signalled my instructor to swim up.. but it was just me laa.. the second, third and forth dive was just awesome..


And that is why, during my visit to Dubai, I challenged myself to dive in an aquarium.. was scared a little.. it has been a month after my course and i’m goin to dive in a box, with sharks and stingrays and some other big fishies..




Syok kuttt posing with the fishes and buat-buat berani in front of the aquarium visitors.. hehehe.. it was awesome.. i would definitely do it again.. In a different aquarium though.. hehe.. Maybe next >> Singapore =D =D

SO yes.. I have made few more list to my to do list.. hiking list.. diving list.. and the normal list.. hehehe..

Abes duit camneh~~~

Saga Hill

After a few months of no outdoor activities… goin for a hike was NOT a good idea!!

I was breathing heavily.. I stopped every 10mins like an old lady.. even the aunties hiked along side were faster!! I was definitely demotivated with myself for a moment there.. but as time goes by, I did better I think haha!!

I didnt even get to take pictures when hiking up… was too damn tired! Had to push myself up and motivate myself… thank god a friend was there… too bad he was pulled behind by me hehehe… but all the hardship vanishes when I see the waterfall…


The water fell hard and its damn cold! That helps with the pain starting to kick in on the legs and my back… yeah… one of my mistake was I brought a heavy bag… maybe that was the reason why I was pulled behind… hehehe cari alasan…




Going down is always the easy one.. in conclusion, the trip took me 3 hours, traveling up to the height of 402m, with a 4.16km distance…

Better trip next time hopefully…

Humbling encounter

I had juat finished paying my parking ticket in KLCC when a gentleman with his kids and wife walked to me and asked of that; the kiosk is where we pay our parking ticket.. For some, and I wont be surprised, one would thought it is
a. weird – I mean, hey, c’mon… isn’t it obvious??
b. absurd – which century are u livin??
c. Funny – biar betul??
But I do find it humbling..

So, I explained what he should do; like step by step, like pay at d kiosk, d ticket will come out again *yesss! I had to explain that*, use d ticket by putting it in a slot at d machine, at the exit… yes… I actually explained till that detail…

It kinda hits me how we are in d same country, and for me it almost blend-in in us that parking ticket – pay at autopay kiosk.. but probably half of us, still have no clue of how things are done here… shows how they have NEVER been out from their kampong or area because they do not have that opportunity….

And here we are, comparing with friends where we have not gone to on the globe…

Yes, I am very thankful to God to give me the opportunities to travel alot… I got to see the world… but some, they do not have the oppurtunity to see the country.. heck, the state!

I dont know about u, but I still think it was a humbling moment for me…

Chinese New Year Reunion Lunch =D

Yea yea… Chinese New year was like a month ago but heck.. My blog hasn’t been updated since then!

I just have to ┬áput this on since I’d appreciate people who do write about this..

Nasi Arab Damsyik~~

Yeap… If you are a big fan of nasi arab, you probably heard of this place… The thing is.. for this trip, my family and I actually made the way to Senawang, on a public holiday where the traffic is like craaeeeeyyyzeyyy!! I’m surprised we actually went all the way for just nasi arab lunch! Nasib it was worth it!

My lil sister baru abes pantang.. so she was like craving to go out..

And because we didn’t get any breakfast sebab nak jage perut, hamek kau~~!

Tu diaaa

Tu diaaa

Angle lain plakkk

Angle lain plakkk

And as the caption said, satu tray tak cukup woo!! and hafta say, first time, isi ayam daging lagi byk dari nasi!!

After one tray we realized, it is not enough...

After one tray we realized, it is not enough…

below is the operation time.. Remember to not come on Tuesday yea!

NOTE the closing DAY

NOTE the closing DAY

Dah kenyang… jalan kat jusco senawang sat… tapi Ya Allah ramai nye manusia… nak duduk cari tmpt minum pun takde… so we all went back.. Because we had set our mind we will eat dessert, we stopped by at Secret Recipe and had cake and coffee…



Way to finish my CNY Reunion lunch~~