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Spelling Gone Wrong #011


This is not REALLY a spelling mistake but more like handwriting mishap hehe…

1- Talapla.. shud have been talapia.. bt the dot somehow doesnt want to be alone.. hehe.. jadilah takpela talapla
2- tahu… shud have been tauhu… kalau tahu penyet… mmg aku forever tak nak tahu hehe.. nnt kene penyet..
3- payah… saya tahu kakak bersusah payah nk penyet menatang-menatang tuh.. tp tak usah lerrr nk letak atas board… simpan ajer dalam hati.. pastu kenekan service charge hehehehe

Oleh itu… please digitally type your menu list and check your spelling cause you’ll never know when i’ll be around your area hehehehe

Spelling Gone Wrong #008

Kepada anda-anda yang akan berkahwin, sila lah periksa dengan teliti kad anda supaya tiada “stupid mistake” or spelling macam ni… sedih kut.. dah laa skali dlm idup jer kau kawin.. *harapnye lah..* . Dapat lak orang cam aku penerima kadnya, hah, sah sah aku masukkan dlm blog.. hehehe..

Amin & Terima Kasih =D

Spelling Gone Wrong #007

Salah kah ejaan nya? Well not really.. but its just hilarious! =D

Memang laa bermasalah kalau dah berdosa… tapi kalau dh makanan tuh bermasalah, rase tak berdosa selagi bukan yang haram.. paling-paling pun, a few visits to the royal throne *bercangkung atau duduk, is to your preference =D*

Venue: Changi Airport, Singapore

Quick Update

Not that I’m too busy like a president but I am just too lazy to update.. hehe..

Seems Malaysian has learn to spell? hehehe.. I gotta keep my eyes open larger to caught some nasty spelling errors hehehe…

Why won’t you help me out? Share it with moi!!

Spelling Gone Wrong #006



Try to look for “kertas hitam” and “bilik hancur”..

To all business guys out there, please try to at least write your advertisement in word so you can see for spelling mistakes or to banting  /advertisement personnel, have the courtesy to change the spelling if you know it is wrong..


On the side note: ape rase makan chicken chop with the gravies diorg tulis tuh? hehehe~~

Spelling gone wrong #005


Venue: restaurant arab di Kerteh

Mungkin di arab, diorg tukar “a” jadi “e”macam orang nogori… Kire cam, orang dior ni sepupu sepapat laa kut sbb tabiat lebih kurang… Ehehe

By the way, i did search for the meaning and it actually means EASILY ANNOYED OR IRRITABLE.. Now, putting it together, it becomes “more easily annoyed, more healthy” nw dat doesnt sounds right at all.. Lagi stress ado laa hehehe