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Aniesonick menyampah when #002

#002 – When the person you’re talking on the phone says nothing but hang up the phone….

I mean where’s the courtesy man??? heck yeah, you have nothing else to say already.. I probably have nothing to say too but i do have the courtesy to say bye, why can’t you??? main letak jerrrrr!! Hishhh.. pantang sungguh!! ini sememangnye boleh menimbulkan amarah neh!!! *put in muke bengis*

Please laa, at least an “OK” ke, “Orite” ke.. nih sedar2, beepp beeppp… warghhhhh!!!!!

OK ok.. i took the courtesy to put in doa marah jugak cause i really need this today.. Actually this week… Dari mood okie.. senyum2.. terus bengis..

Maksudnya : “Aku berlindung kepada Allah dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku dan hilangkanlah kepanasan hatiku dan lepaskanlah aku dari gangguan syaitan yang terkutuk.”

Aniesonick menyampah when…#001

#001 – When a guy talks about work…. A LOT… A LOOOOTTTTTT…. 

I know, some guys don’t have a FUN life and work is the only INTERESTING thing about you.. But do you know, at times, girls don’t give a damn about it?

We want to talk about what you have done today.. we want to know what make you happy on normal days.. We want to know if you like ghost movie or action movie..

Because we want to feel like we are part of you guys.. At least we know, you spilled your coffee in the meeting.. at least we know you must drink coffee early in the morning to keep you going everyday.. at least we know what movie to choose if we go out on a date.

chehhh.. rase cam jiwang skjp.. saya ada taman dihati ok..

There’s nothing wrong talking about work… tp imagine if girls only talks about make up, or Oprah Winfrey.. you understand and ok to listen once in awhile.. but every day jumpe ckp pasal keje, muntah darah kut..

Cakap pasal keje je fine lagi.. kene plak yang mengangkat diri sendiri and how he’s the best.. how he can dominate the office, semua orang dgr ckp die, outstanding worker bla bla bla.. yada yada… pot pet pot pet.. itu jer aku dgr lepas tuh tau..

Nak up kan diri, nak tunjuk diri tuh penting kat opis tuh, tak yah brag.. tak yah berlagak.. it will show one day that you are good in what you do, even without telling.. People have brain, eyes and ears to see, listen and conclude that you are good or not..

haih.. penat dgn orang2 camni.. tak yah ckp laki laa.. ppuan same actually..

tapi kalau laki lagi menyampah.. =p