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Marriage Life and so forth

Alhamdulillah.. it has been a month and beberape hari i live as a married woman.. Happy that I am.. No regret what so ever.. Everyday, waking up to a man that I could smile to is the joyous thing a woman could ask for. Takde laa bangun bangun rasa nak lempang bagai kan.. Walaupun kekadang tuh nak kene babap gak laa si suami suh bangun Subuh dan kerja..

Sebulan being married was just full with activities; started with 2 days before marriage, kemas rumah, betulkan ape patut, finalizing stuff, then the akad itself, reception, amek gambar pun penat ok.. then travel balik to Kedah, get things done there plak, the reception in kedah, visiting relatives in terengganu, meeting friends and families yang nak belanje makan minum sume *not complaining this part =D* and the most tiring thing is, getting FAT hahahaha!!

i gained few kgs from all the jalan jalan cari makan with families, awesome treats from friends and da happy, makan memang tak hingat.. duit pun berkepuk-kepuk terbang.. so skang, ikat perut.. makan kat umah.. kene bini cam aku, makan je ape aku reti masak.. mintak bende pelik, memang makan tak bertambah laa kan.. hahha!! kesian kamu Mr Xzephyrer…

Sebenarnye, i wanted to put up list of vendor vendor yang telah menjayakan weddingku yg lepas.. tp sebab gambor professional tak siap lg… tunggukan shj ye.. insyaAllah.. akan ku update lg.. sekian~~~

Terkejut sendiri

last time i updated my blog, i forgot that i changed the layout.. and yes.. i got a shock of my life.. hahaha! ok.. do-ra-ma.. takde laa terkejut gile.. =p


I have 3 days before I end my single life..

Am I ready?

Yes, InsyaAllah

Am I scared?

A little bit now that I think of it..

Am I excited?

Hell Yes! hhahaha!

But honestly, I am tired of asking myself, what is it still not settled? what should i do today? what is it i need to follow up? and all that crap.. creepy that i think of it.. Everyone hopes that their D day goes smoothly. but mesti ada glitch mane mane.. i just hope it is still manageable..

Wait for my updates after semua kerja kerja kahwin neh selesai.. hehehe

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan – for Real!

yes.. this is for real about kursus perkahwinan.. hehe..

am not here to tell what or where you can do your marriage course or kursus kahwin.. Cause i think there’s alot more out there.. it should be the same for all venues since the material are provided by JAWI or JAKIM or some islamic bodies.. but how it is done would probably be different.. the presentation would be different.. some can be too serious meaning too bad for you.. some can be funny, so good for you.. I did in TTDI and I had fun.. I know few years back in MARA, it was super lame.. not sure how it is now though..

But yes.. I recall alot of things about being a muslim and living as one.. I also learnt alot in so many ways as well.. It is awesome and kind of understand why this course is important.. I could say it is not much about the marriage.. but it is about changing yourself to a better person.. a better muslim.. especially when you are starting a new life as a wife.. as a husband.. and insyaAllah, as parents.. you need to be reminded of the right route.. then, you can start off your new life journey blessed by God, InsyaAllah..

They *the ustaz and ustazah* taught me and others about being a better person from different point of view; financially, emotionally, and especially being a partner and living with another human *yes.. it is not easy living with another human for the rest of your life..* and the best part of it.. they also go to the basic like prayers.. how you do it.. how you take your wudu’ and all that stuff.. it is really refreshing =)

Am not the best person nor am I the best muslim and am not proud of it.. But in order to be one and to train my lil ones *acehhh~~ dah pikiaq weyhh* to be the best muslim and better ones than their parents, i have to start somewhere.. and this seems the best start..

Seriously, marriage course is fun.. Just open up your heart and soul.. Go in with Bismillah and God will assist you through out.. I don’t even understand how some can actually dozed off.. yes.. i did see some guys *not sure gals* dozed off.. when honestly, I think they should be listening more than us ladies.. they are going to lead the family and if they haven’t been rejuvenated, wouldn’t it be hard? It is OK to not know stuff cause all you need to do is to have the will to change, the will to learn and insyaAllah.. You will be a better person.. Even though you already know some of the stuff on the slides, it doesnt mean it is a good reason for you to sleep during the presentation. *cheh.. emo..*


Kursus kahwin is fun..

when you go to the right place =D=D

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan – Nothing to do with it =p

Disclaimer: What you shall read after this is a touchy-touchy entry. Thee who hates the feeling of fragile and flowery, please click here now.

So.. yes.. I got engaged last month! yeay! Alhamdulillah..

It was one of my happiest days.. and to end the year as it was, something I didn’t anticipate from the beginning of the year. Who knows about what is to happen and what is not.. He was just someone-I-knew to someone who I want to be with and spend my life with..

“Kun Faya Kun”

Be! and it is..

And that is how it was.. I never felt that way until I asked him a questioned that palmface me back.. hehehe.. And that is all I needed… InsyaAllah, with the du’a and prayers done, He guided me to the right person for me… He might not be perfect, but nor am I. And that is why, two people are meant for each other; Ones that complement and complete each other…

Then, there were challenges that we had to go through which really tested not just me, but also him.. and he stayed by my side.. and it was him who I really want to protect and be protected by… He comforted ┬áme when I needed it. He was there for my family as well.. and that is all I need..


Mr Xzephyrer, thanks for being there for me.. We didn’t have much time together before but we have our lifetime to be together.. I hope for your guidance and support to go through our life together and also patience at times.. I will, InsyaAllah, help you and be on your side through thick and thin.. and support you in anyway you needed…

31 days to go….. =)