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And it’s 2015

It has been 2 weeks in 2015..

The eve started a lil off for me but things went better after a bit of adjustment.. I guess people do change don’t they? Basically there was some arrangement i thought i would be cool about until the thing happened itself.. But all is good when the new year came.. It was still fun with the set of friends.. regardless what’s happening around you =)

IMG-20150101-WA0009 I look fat didn’t i?

Well at that point it was for a reason.. Yeap.. a 2 months and few weeks lil one inside me.. So me and Mr Xzephyrer were really looking forward for this new year with the new edition in our #Gengmukasama… Never really wanna put it out there but I thought, why not. No one really reads this blog anyways.. Just a place for me to put things out of my chest..


Unfortunately, a week after, it went 180 deg change..It was our 2nd time meeting our O&G and lil one.. eh.. tipu.. kind of the forth.. OK.. maybe I should just start it from the beginning..

Of course being first time, everything was so surreal.. Excited.. scared.. but it was more on the bright side.. Something that you have never felt before.. Something I have never could imagine.. There’s a lil us in me.. We went and check with a doctor that I thought was nice and detail when examining his patient near our place..Clinic Mediviron.. Sekali pegi, he was like.. “OK, so?” *dush dush atas muka sendiri*.. I kinda puji2 the doctor at my husband and when he asked me that question, I felt like kicking is behind and ask him who is the doctor.. But OK.. all ok since hubs there.. so we tried to scan.. it was only 5 weeks so it is too lil’ to see the lil one.. So we thought, lets start looking for our O&G and hospital and such.. so we did and got an appointment with Dato Dr Siti Zaliha in SJMC.. oh.. it’s a month later.. nahh.. no biggie..

I think 3 weeks after, maybe, I got high fever.. went to another clinic because i kinda banned the Clinic Mediviron after for a few cases, not just this one.. The new clinic was OK and she was nice. Told her I have fever and I was 38deg C at that point.. Told her I am pregnant as well… so she asked all details and we kinda want to check the lil one again since it has been 3 weeks, so 8 weeks more or less.. We did it but unfortunately, lil one is a lil shy shy like the dad.. so we didn’t get to see lil one yet.. plus, we are going to see Dato Dr 3 days after anyways.. Because i have high fever and red throat, she gave antibiotics.. Which sisters were quite skeptical.. during their pregnancy, doctors don’t give them antibiotics.. anyways, me being dumb, i went on eating laa the meds..

To cut it short, a day after, i was diagnosed with HMFD *Hand Mouth Foot Disease* .. Read some facts, but non say it would be dangerous to the fetus.. But most of the says it has low risk.. Brushing it aside, come Monday, appointment with Dato Dr Siti.. Told her everything and even showed to her my HMFD hands.. she said, don’t worry much.. and we check the lil one.. it is there.. with the heart beat and all.. it was such a precious moment.. expecting the lil one was like a dream come true to every married couple.. and that includes us..

and come 2 appointment.. and what we see is just a lifeless fetus, no heart beat.. I don’t want to go into detail cause writing it suddenly chokes me but I was composed.. I made a practical and I would say fast decision to perform DnC *Dilation & Curettage*.. For me, there’s nothing to wait as doctor gave me 4 solid facts and she is an experienced doctor, mother and woman.. So we decided to do it 3 days after..


Of course I was worried.. I have no idea how it feel like and the pain.. Doctor said, it’s going to be very painful, that’s why I need to go under anesthetic.. But all went went.. the procedure takes like 10 mins but the anesthetic effect is like almost an hour.. after 2 hours, I’m on my feet and went home to my parents place.. At this point, I am grateful hubs has been so supportive and family too..

IMG_20150113_170531That’s why, after realizing things that happened in just a week ago, and how hubs has been around and catering to my needs, i fall for him all over again.. I wouldn’t know if i had a different husband and if he would be by my side through out the procedures and experienced but i am more than thankful that i have him.

To that person, Mr Xzephyrer, thank you for being there and supporting me endlessly.. Again, you made me the best and happiest person I could ever imagine and I couldn’t even ask for more.. I have you, and that is sufficient for me.. Iloveu Boo 🙂