End of 2014

Honestly, i don’t even know why i bother updating my blog when i don’t think anyone hardly read my rants.. maybe my future would.. hehe

Things has gone back to normal once he was back.. Someone to talk to though we don’t do much of that.. but we do appreciate our company and partner to say “I’ve gone up a level in this game!!” yeah.. we are that kind of couple you could say.. We also agreed to go on a vacation with 2 of my besties.. For once, I am glad they all *hubs and besties* got along VERY well.. LOVE the thought they wouldn’t feel awkward even if I am not around since we have our own inside joke now.. And it was nice to have this trip with them again.. It was kind of a rejuve for our relationship as well and that has made us much closer than before..

okieh.. too much ayat touchy2..

Went Kota Kinabalu even though our first plan was to go for island vacation; Sipadan Island.. But after the kidnapping case, we were quite reluctant.. so we changed to Kota Kinabalu.. Most of us already been there but for work.. cept Jurai.. It was a 4 days 3 nights trip.. I think it was suffice enough if you are just going around Kundasang and Kota Kinabalu… depending on your weather as well.. Since we weren’t rushing to go every where, it was a good retreat.. In a nutshell, we arrived 10am in the morning of the first day, got into our rental car (Proton Saga BLM, MYR 160 per day), went to Kundasang.. on the way, we made some stops.. Reached Kundasang around 3-4pm.. it was raining and fog was too thick at certain point.. so we don’t want to take our chance to go to the Hotspring which takes another 40 mins from where we stay.. so we went up to the Dairy farm.. It was the highlight of our trip for us… It was definitely pretty especially with all the fog.. cold too.. really gave us the feeling of our old road trips in the states.. Since it was kind of late in the evening, we decided to just go to the War Memorial which again, in the vicinity of the hotel.. but it was already closed.. so we decided to just walk to the small markets they had along the street.. than back to the hotel..

eyh.. nutshell ke cite aku neh? ehehehehe

now for real, in a nutshell.. the next day, spent another half day in Kundasang area, a bit after 1pm we went straight back to KK.. it was already 7-8pm by the time we reached KK.. quickly checked in, out for seafood dinner.. which was totally overrated.. the next day.. half day was spent on water rafting in Kiulu.. the guide was the highlight for me.. the water rafting was fun.. and since it was raining the night before, the river would probably around level 1.5. so quite relaxing la.. the guide was very accommodative.. well.. to us at least.. don’t think the other two Chinese China would think the same hehehe..

oh nutshell.. right..

petang.. went out early abit.. went to find remote for hubs’ GoPro yang hilang kene makan dek buaya.. *kind of forgotten about this sad story* and then another feast of seafood.. this time.. its better and tasted better too.. Happy us 😀 The next day.. checked out.. had our breakfast near the hotel.. there was the Pasar tamu right in front of our hotel,, that was neat.. and then.. off we were to the jetty for Island hopping.. half day.. snorkeling and basking in the sun.. then we realized our 6pm flight was cancelled and we were to go on 8pm fight which was definitely not convenient for some of us.. so we rushed back to shore to catch up for 5ish pm flight.. i hate rushing and the fact that we still wanna go HRC KK and hubs’ and my tix havent been confirmed, it was not so convenient for me.. but we managed to do so.. and that was it..

besar sungguh nutshell ku.. hehehehe

but it was fun.. all in all.. each of us spent MYR1000 for everything including makan2.. minus souvenirs.. I think it was worth it.. =)

1 thought on “End of 2014

  1. xzephyrer

    finally ade new hapdet =p fyr i still come here ok 😉 kundasang was very scenic. wud luv to go back again someday. after all we havent really been to KK kan hehe..
    do hapdet the blog more often yeaaaa bee coz i’ll always come back for more inside story ^^


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