starting fresh

just started new work..

yeap.. i finally quit my old job for a new one.. well.. not really new.. i’m back to my old company.. good thing i left at peace.. so it was kinda easy for my boss to accept me back.. it is nice to come back to a place you know and comfortable with.. especially with the same people and nice new people as well.. i could adapt easily.. my first day was spent doing nothing.. but it was not as bad as before.. at least i could go and kacau some people around me.. old place.. no one to kacau.. and maybe i got that bad vibe already from the company.. so i just cannot tahan already…

but i still pity the company.. i heard more people is resigning and more on the go.. things didn’t happen as what the shareholders want.. and i really don’t know whats gonna happen next to the company… the company is like a big tree that looks big and strong but inside, the termites have already eaten up a big chunk of the tree.. and it has slowly cracking up… lets hope the company well..

walaupun dlm hati kecil ku rasa nak kate padan muke selepas i know a few story about the company which i just wish gaji ku selama ni halal.. ameen~~

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