Monthly Archives: October 2014

and he is back!

he is back!!

but balik2.. enjin keta die capoot.. opps! feeling a bit guilty sebab mcm tk pandai jage keta die.. *memang pun.. typical like that haha!* but all is good.. dapat laa tukar battery sume.. evn though die keep on saying battery da lame.. tp last week start enjn ok jah.. hahaha!

da balik nk amek gmbr.. tp die boleh tye nape? grrrr~~~

ini lah contoh.. xdapat mencari2.. da dapat diabai2kan.

guysss *pfffttt*

a month and 1 week

No no.. i am so not pregnant..

itu adelah brape lame aku kene tinggal ngan suami kerana berjasa untuk kompeni die..

and he’s coming back soon!!! *loncat2 terencat*

4 tahun duduk sorang vs. 7 bulan duduk berdua.. logically, i should be able to handle myself pretty well okie… tp kan.. gediks ngan suami punye pasal.. i cant live without uuuuuuuuuuuu Mr Xzephyrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


so come back lagi cepat ok? sile dayung sampan…

starting fresh

just started new work..

yeap.. i finally quit my old job for a new one.. well.. not really new.. i’m back to my old company.. good thing i left at peace.. so it was kinda easy for my boss to accept me back.. it is nice to come back to a place you know and comfortable with.. especially with the same people and nice new people as well.. i could adapt easily.. my first day was spent doing nothing.. but it was not as bad as before.. at least i could go and kacau some people around me.. old place.. no one to kacau.. and maybe i got that bad vibe already from the company.. so i just cannot tahan already…

but i still pity the company.. i heard more people is resigning and more on the go.. things didn’t happen as what the shareholders want.. and i really don’t know whats gonna happen next to the company… the company is like a big tree that looks big and strong but inside, the termites have already eaten up a big chunk of the tree.. and it has slowly cracking up… lets hope the company well..

walaupun dlm hati kecil ku rasa nak kate padan muke selepas i know a few story about the company which i just wish gaji ku selama ni halal.. ameen~~