haa.. hapdet yang ni sepatutnye panjang but depends on how my writing mood goes.. Kalau ikut kronologi, March 17th i say i’ll put up some pictures from my wedding but because me writing from office desktop, i don’t have all the pictures.. Kronologi seterusnya 29 March would be Save our Rainforest Run yang takde laa run sangat.. but it was fun.. Bersamasama OKBB gang *nama established lepas lari*, it was definitely fun and entertaining race.. Tapi yang i don’t like is, the idea of saving our rainforest tuh tak kesampaian pada certain people.. tengah tengah beratur nak masuk kawasan tanam pokok, ade laa mamat depan aku buang sampah.. memang kene laa mulut laser i yang kadang2 berisi “Hoii.. siape buang sampah neh??” walaupun die buang depan mate i tanye gak siape sambil jari ni menunjuk kearah sampah die buang tadi.. budak ni just pandang muke aku mcm nak kene kan balik tp aku lagi garang drpd engkau sangkakan budak.. terus pandang kedepan sambil bebel balik kate “dah terbuang…” bangang like that…. *hangin neh..!!*


kronologi seterusnya, April 3rd, Mynn Zach’s is out of the market!!! woohoo!!

April 4th, MIL’s birthday! Happy birthday Mak!! walaupun orang ke 3 or 4 or keberapa ntah wish hehehe

April 5th, Glace Gladiators’ Reunion in Morib.. cum my first honeymoon muahahaha!! so that is what i told people laa.. it was fun!! harus laa kan… dapat plak organiser like moi yours truely.. hehehe Ramai anak2 kecil berlari larian.. mak mak dan ayah ayah juga berlari larian.. it was not much of the activities.. but the get together and the act of doing the activity regardless da besar2 sume.. the gelagats.. it was just purely fun.. the support and commitment for some was just remarkable.. that was all we the committee asked for.. kitorg pun rase berbaloi untuk buat lagi nanti.. hehe.. and of course, the husbands were super sporting and supportive too!! best best… *senyum sesorang*

March 11th went to Langkawi for management meeting *where i was the balaci, not as one of the manager*and trus pulang ke Alor setar.. Tak penah amek feri from Langkawi to kuala Kedah.. nasib ade makcik sebelah yang quite chatty so I was occupied.. it was 1 hour and 40 minutes ride which its not super long but in a very loud engine ferry and packed crowd, 5 minutes seems endless.. sebelah kanan couple gedik yang aku takle tahan * or maybe jealous… tak kut.. hahaha!* cam i can’t wait to jump out of the ferry.. the same week, kene tinggal ngan hasben for 3 days.. was ok but pelik at the same time..

then.. 2 weekends later, lunch date and tea date with lil sista, lil bro in law and cute lil niece.. that was kinda awesome.. yummeyhh!!

the next weeken, balik Alor setar again with hasben.. again, food hunting weekend.. even got to go Padang Besar jejalan sebab MIL said, Anies tak penah sampai hehehehe..

2 weeks after that, OFFICIAL HONEYMOON!!! in Krabi!!! woohoo!! That was fun!! awesomely fun!! that, i tell later lah.. but special shout out to hasben.. Thanks Boo!! Luv ya!!


Ok dah..



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