Monthly Archives: February 2014

Terkejut sendiri

last time i updated my blog, i forgot that i changed the layout.. and yes.. i got a shock of my life.. hahaha! ok.. do-ra-ma.. takde laa terkejut gile.. =p


I have 3 days before I end my single life..

Am I ready?

Yes, InsyaAllah

Am I scared?

A little bit now that I think of it..

Am I excited?

Hell Yes! hhahaha!

But honestly, I am tired of asking myself, what is it still not settled? what should i do today? what is it i need to follow up? and all that crap.. creepy that i think of it.. Everyone hopes that their D day goes smoothly. but mesti ada glitch mane mane.. i just hope it is still manageable..

Wait for my updates after semua kerja kerja kahwin neh selesai.. hehehe