Kursus Pra Perkahwinan – for Real!

yes.. this is for real about kursus perkahwinan.. hehe..

am not here to tell what or where you can do your marriage course or kursus kahwin.. Cause i think there’s alot more out there.. it should be the same for all venues since the material are provided by JAWI or JAKIM or some islamic bodies.. but how it is done would probably be different.. the presentation would be different.. some can be too serious meaning too bad for you.. some can be funny, so good for you.. I did in TTDI and I had fun.. I know few years back in MARA, it was super lame.. not sure how it is now though..

But yes.. I recall alot of things about being a muslim and living as one.. I also learnt alot in so many ways as well.. It is awesome and kind of understand why this course is important.. I could say it is not much about the marriage.. but it is about changing yourself to a better person.. a better muslim.. especially when you are starting a new life as a wife.. as a husband.. and insyaAllah, as parents.. you need to be reminded of the right route.. then, you can start off your new life journey blessed by God, InsyaAllah..

They *the ustaz and ustazah* taught me and others about being a better person from different point of view; financially, emotionally, and especially being a partner and living with another human *yes.. it is not easy living with another human for the rest of your life..* and the best part of it.. they also go to the basic like prayers.. how you do it.. how you take your wudu’ and all that stuff.. it is really refreshing =)

Am not the best person nor am I the best muslim and am not proud of it.. But in order to be one and to train my lil ones *acehhh~~ dah pikiaq weyhh* to be the best muslim and better ones than their parents, i have to start somewhere.. and this seems the best start..

Seriously, marriage course is fun.. Just open up your heart and soul.. Go in with Bismillah and God will assist you through out.. I don’t even understand how some can actually dozed off.. yes.. i did see some guys *not sure gals* dozed off.. when honestly, I think they should be listening more than us ladies.. they are going to lead the family and if they haven’t been rejuvenated, wouldn’t it be hard? It is OK to not know stuff cause all you need to do is to have the will to change, the will to learn and insyaAllah.. You will be a better person.. Even though you already know some of the stuff on the slides, it doesnt mean it is a good reason for you to sleep during the presentation. *cheh.. emo..*


Kursus kahwin is fun..

when you go to the right place =D=D

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