Kursus Pra Perkahwinan – Nothing to do with it =p

Disclaimer: What you shall read after this is a touchy-touchy entry. Thee who hates the feeling of fragile and flowery, please click here now.

So.. yes.. I got engaged last month! yeay! Alhamdulillah..

It was one of my happiest days.. and to end the year as it was, something I didn’t anticipate from the beginning of the year. Who knows about what is to happen and what is not.. He was just someone-I-knew to someone who I want to be with and spend my life with..

“Kun Faya Kun”

Be! and it is..

And that is how it was.. I never felt that way until I asked him a questioned that palmface me back.. hehehe.. And that is all I needed… InsyaAllah, with the du’a and prayers done, He guided me to the right person for me… He might not be perfect, but nor am I. And that is why, two people are meant for each other; Ones that complement and complete each other…

Then, there were challenges that we had to go through which really tested not just me, but also him.. and he stayed by my side.. and it was him who I really want to protect and be protected by… He comforted  me when I needed it. He was there for my family as well.. and that is all I need..


Mr Xzephyrer, thanks for being there for me.. We didn’t have much time together before but we have our lifetime to be together.. I hope for your guidance and support to go through our life together and also patience at times.. I will, InsyaAllah, help you and be on your side through thick and thin.. and support you in anyway you needed…

31 days to go….. =)

2 thoughts on “Kursus Pra Perkahwinan – Nothing to do with it =p

  1. mr xzephyrer

    Baby i just knew that u r the one for me. Im glad im the one u picked ^^ really cant wait for us to be together.. Together we may cross off our neverending wish list… Maybe slowly but steadily for sure… Together tru thick n thin till death do us part… iloveu!


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