2013 is over.. starting fresh with 2014..

Happy New Year. Bye 2013. Hello 2014.And all those lines people say when it comes to this time of the year.


But.. gimme a chance to just go almost briefly about my year.


My year started.. OK.. I don’t remember what happened so it makes sense to say it was an OK start. I had the chance to travel to places I have never imagined I will visit.. Even for work. I also had awesome days out with my girls.. They have never failed to rock my world =)

It was an up and down journey for me in certain part of my life.. I will not lie but they were one of the worsts I had.. But it is true what people say “God has something better in stored for you”..

I found a better job *insyaAllah*..

I “found” my family who had always been there for me.. ups and downs.. through thick and thin..

And definitely, the highlight of the year..

I have found that someone who will be by my side *insyaAllah* through out my years.. who will support me and love for who I am.. that someone who accepts me as I am..

What other way to end an OK year but with a big smile and being very grateful to Allah for what He had kept for me all this while..


Looking forward for another year and a new journey for myself..=)

2 thoughts on “2013 is over.. starting fresh with 2014..

    1. an1es0n1ck Post author

      Thanks beb!! Its a pity we never got to catch up much before but lets do it more since our partners are getting along quite well as well 😉 heeee xoxo


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