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Lump sum story

Yea… so I have no time to update my blog.. more like idea terbantut diseparuh jalan.. i started to write 3 lines and that is it.. i gone blank.. but today i feel like writing and telling stories..

SO after Tabur.. I took my diving certification..! woot woot!! it was just amazingly awesome.. I had always wanted to do it.. but didn’t get the time to do it.. no money to pay for it.. and didn’t have someone to do it with.. And this time, I got all of ’em to do it.. So not wasting that moment, I just went on and do it even though deep inside, I am a little scared.. the scared is different from climbing walls, hills etc.. I would always imagine, I’ll get my ears damaged or my lung pop like a balloon and I started coughing blood.. urghhh~~!

But the instructor and my group was awesome.. maybe because they are still young LIKE MOI.. so we made it fun.. hehehe.. the first dive in open water was definitely the one i would remember forever.. I didn’t pop my ears correctly and it hurts.. i thought it would go away after awhile but it was still there and i started imagining stuff; blood coming out of my ears, my eardrums pops off.. and that’s when i signalled my instructor to swim up.. but it was just me laa.. the second, third and forth dive was just awesome..


And that is why, during my visit to Dubai, I challenged myself to dive in an aquarium.. was scared a little.. it has been a month after my course and i’m goin to dive in a box, with sharks and stingrays and some other big fishies..




Syok kuttt posing with the fishes and buat-buat berani in front of the aquarium visitors.. hehehe.. it was awesome.. i would definitely do it again.. In a different aquarium though.. hehe.. Maybe next >> Singapore =D =D

SO yes.. I have made few more list to my to do list.. hiking list.. diving list.. and the normal list.. hehehe..

Abes duit camneh~~~