Saga Hill

After a few months of no outdoor activities… goin for a hike was NOT a good idea!!

I was breathing heavily.. I stopped every 10mins like an old lady.. even the aunties hiked along side were faster!! I was definitely demotivated with myself for a moment there.. but as time goes by, I did better I think haha!!

I didnt even get to take pictures when hiking up… was too damn tired! Had to push myself up and motivate myself… thank god a friend was there… too bad he was pulled behind by me hehehe… but all the hardship vanishes when I see the waterfall…


The water fell hard and its damn cold! That helps with the pain starting to kick in on the legs and my back… yeah… one of my mistake was I brought a heavy bag… maybe that was the reason why I was pulled behind… hehehe cari alasan…




Going down is always the easy one.. in conclusion, the trip took me 3 hours, traveling up to the height of 402m, with a 4.16km distance…

Better trip next time hopefully…

3 thoughts on “Saga Hill

  1. adie aziz

    Suunto ambit2 da masuk wishlist!! Pantas btol u update :p jom naik broga n u try my ambit2. See if u wud still like it 🙂 #whybroga #bcozitsnice


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