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Emo Emo Elmo

It is only normal that people write about Qurban and sacrifices on Eidul Adha.. which by the way, Selamat hari Raya…

But I thought I write my thoughts anyways..

It strikes me one day when I read someone wrote about karma.. well at least, something along that line… Obviously,  it was not my first as people tend to go emo and throw their tantrum/hatred/feelings toward facebook statuses, twitter watever.. which sometimes I wish these people would just face their problems rather than facebooking it. Yea.. I did that before but I have out grown that and start acting on the problems itself.


Coming back to my point.. People talk about karma… what goes round, comes back around.. ok.. fair enough.. it is d same with “Doa orang teraniaya adalah antara doa yang dimakbulkan”.. but the thing is.. how sure are you, things happened because of someone else? How sure are you, you are being aniaya? Jangan salahkan orang yang mengambil if you don’t know how to take care of it… yes, yang mencuri tu mmg da salah laa kan tapi kalau sayang and valuable,  kenape dibiarkan merata tempat? Siapalah kita untuk menilai diri kita dianiaya when we have emotional feelings that sometimes could be misleading.. da salah, pastu berdoa mintak orang yg “bersalah” tadi, kemusnahan bagai when spttnya, as sisters n brothers of Islam,  doakanlah terbuka hati, bertaubat dan kembali ke jalan yang benar…

Kan lebih bagus?

Tak perlulah berdendam *this is like slapping to my face hehe* cukuplah sekadar berdoa untuk tenangkan fikiran kita and kebaikan untuk orang lain… this is me walking to myself as well.. it is not easy when u r mad or sad.. just like smiling when u r mad and sad.. it doesnt come naturally but it can always be a habit..

Kalau nak marah, marah laa sekadar minimum mungkin… *Self reminder again T, T*

Saga Hill

After a few months of no outdoor activities… goin for a hike was NOT a good idea!!

I was breathing heavily.. I stopped every 10mins like an old lady.. even the aunties hiked along side were faster!! I was definitely demotivated with myself for a moment there.. but as time goes by, I did better I think haha!!

I didnt even get to take pictures when hiking up… was too damn tired! Had to push myself up and motivate myself… thank god a friend was there… too bad he was pulled behind by me hehehe… but all the hardship vanishes when I see the waterfall…


The water fell hard and its damn cold! That helps with the pain starting to kick in on the legs and my back… yeah… one of my mistake was I brought a heavy bag… maybe that was the reason why I was pulled behind… hehehe cari alasan…




Going down is always the easy one.. in conclusion, the trip took me 3 hours, traveling up to the height of 402m, with a 4.16km distance…

Better trip next time hopefully…