Monthly Archives: August 2013

Humbling encounter

I had juat finished paying my parking ticket in KLCC when a gentleman with his kids and wife walked to me and asked of that; the kiosk is where we pay our parking ticket.. For some, and I wont be surprised, one would thought it is
a. weird – I mean, hey, c’mon… isn’t it obvious??
b. absurd – which century are u livin??
c. Funny – biar betul??
But I do find it humbling..

So, I explained what he should do; like step by step, like pay at d kiosk, d ticket will come out again *yesss! I had to explain that*, use d ticket by putting it in a slot at d machine, at the exit… yes… I actually explained till that detail…

It kinda hits me how we are in d same country, and for me it almost blend-in in us that parking ticket – pay at autopay kiosk.. but probably half of us, still have no clue of how things are done here… shows how they have NEVER been out from their kampong or area because they do not have that opportunity….

And here we are, comparing with friends where we have not gone to on the globe…

Yes, I am very thankful to God to give me the opportunities to travel alot… I got to see the world… but some, they do not have the oppurtunity to see the country.. heck, the state!

I dont know about u, but I still think it was a humbling moment for me…