Paulo Coelho – Warrior of the Light

I have always been into Paulo’s book since i first set my hand on The Alchemist. God knows how many people i have shoved the book to.. For me, when i read it, i can reflect to myself.. other books are just quote-have had a life-enhancing impact on people-unquote The Times.

I had time to read my old blog and entries and i surprised myself with topics and things i got to write.. I think it helps when I read.. Guilty as charged, I don’t read as much anymore.. That’s why, I want to start back the habit..

And I am starting with Warrior of the Light by Paulo..

It is a simple book that quotes everything about life.. and i’ll try to quote some what i feel best to share..

Start with this one…..


Before embarking on an important battle, a Warrior of the Light asks himself “How far have I developed my abilities?”

He knows that he has learned something with every battle he has fought, but many of those lessons have caused him unnecessary suffering. More than once he has wasted his time fighting for a lie. And he has suffered for people who did not deserve his love.

Victors never make the same mistake twice. That is why the Warrior only risks his heart for something worthwhile.


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