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Getting things your way

Once someone asked/told me “Do you know you really like to have things done your way? Has it been once you have things done NOT your way?”

Or some thing along that line..

When I think of it, yes. I do like things to go my way. Just because I think my way WOULD be the best. The keyword there is WOULD. In other words, I do take other opinions and options as well but it doesn’t seem the best way for me to follow. Yes, it does sound selfish, but don’t you like things to be your way at times?

We human do tend to think our way is the best especially if we have gone through it, we have heard the best way handling/going through it or you have weigh the best solutions going through it. Of course, if you are just plain selfish, then it is a different story.

When that person asked me, it was something to do with my future. Hence, that is why, I have to be selfish.. It is my life and my future we are talking about.. Not just some which-route-to-take-to-MidValley.. Hellooo~~~ *diva* we want the best for ourselves and we would do anything to get it. For some, it would also mean taking the wrong way.

Taking a simple example; someone with no qualification, need to survive daily routine and need to get work fast.

One scenario, that person would just grab any work, even if it is a cleaner or simple work, he.she will take the job to survive. He.she believes that even with that small amount he.she is getting, at least, he.she could go through it. Some, with perseverance, would take extra jobs, work extra time to earn more. This people are those I would really salute cause i don’t think i have that much of determination. *Maybe because I am not in the hot seat… who knows?*

But some would take shortcuts if you may.. robbery, “cheap” job, loan-sharks.. instead of solving problems, they are just adding more to a pile of problems they already have.. These are some people who i call a nuisance to the community, to the family and the people around them.. There are so many ways of doing things and they just have to follow that way of theirs.

There is nothing wrong with getting things your way. As long as,

1- it is for a good reason with good justification

2- doesn’t hurt people around you ESPECIALLY your loved ones *well.. this is still debatable*

3- You have taken into account a whole lot of cases, hence a good justification

Warrior of the Light, page 10

A warrior of the Light knows that certain moments repeat themselves.

He often finds himself faced by the same problems and situations, and seeing these difficult situations return, he grows depressed, thinking that he is incapable of making any progress in life.

“I’ve been through ¬†all this before” he says to his heart.

“Yes, you have been through all this before, ” replies his heart. “but you have never been beyond it.”

Then the Warrior realized that these repeated experiences have but one aim: to teach him what he does not want to learn.



Paulo Coelho – Warrior of the Light

I have always been into Paulo’s book since i first set my hand on The Alchemist. God knows how many people i have shoved the book to.. For me, when i read it, i can reflect to myself.. other books are just quote-have had a life-enhancing impact on people-unquote The Times.

I had time to read my old blog and entries and i surprised myself with topics and things i got to write.. I think it helps when I read.. Guilty as charged, I don’t read as much anymore.. That’s why, I want to start back the habit..

And I am starting with Warrior of the Light by Paulo..

It is a simple book that quotes everything about life.. and i’ll try to quote some what i feel best to share..

Start with this one…..


Before embarking on an important battle, a Warrior of the Light asks himself “How far have I developed my abilities?”

He knows that he has learned something with every battle he has fought, but many of those lessons have caused him unnecessary suffering. More than once he has wasted his time fighting for a lie. And he has suffered for people who did not deserve his love.

Victors never make the same mistake twice. That is why the Warrior only risks his heart for something worthwhile.