Sesawang and BlackWidow

No, the title doesn’t have anything to do with my entry today…… hehe

It’s been awhile and there were too much to write with insufficient time to write at the same time.. So please excuse my busy-ness.. Or should i say me being lazy.. =p

I’m just going to put things all together  in one entry and maybe detailed ones later when I do remember to update.

If you got to this blog by searching for PickNik.. You are at a wrong blog for ones.. Two, I won’t show much of food pictures but I’ll tell you.. Been there twice for the past 3 months and my impression of that place… errr.. well… ok laaaa~~ First time, I was totally happy.. the food was superb, the dessert was just nice for me especially since I don’t take sweets as much but it was just delicious..!! But the second time I went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday *and mine after they realize its the day after*.. the food was…. quite sad… If that was the first time i went there, i wouldn’t recommend.. Had the same food from the first visit and it was totally different.. If Chef Nik is reading this, I am sorry but if you do have a place to put up my comments, I would have.. it is sad to see your food… wasnt that nice in just a few months.. But the price is OK, reasonable to what is served…

SO… It was my birthday a week ago.. That was fun… Sister’s family and niece.. “Surprise” celebration.. but I kinda knew it was coming… Well.. I am the best person to hire if you need a surprise party… *ehemm ehemm* XD It was nice the first half day.. the second half went almost the same like the other weekend.. I do however got few surprises from friends and it was definitely nice to know they care about me.. Thanks friends… =)

Yesterday went Camp5… got myself a Basic Wall Course and it was fun!! I finally could scratch one of my wish in the list.. I can now climb independently, I could help people to climb as well.. Around One Utama and want to go for a climb…? Call me heheheh… Climbing is definitely something for me to concentrate on.. I do play guitar, piano, bake,  outdoor stuff but don’t think I am really that good in anything.. So, my thought is to get to do this as something I am really good at.. It seems fun.. the guys there are definitely supportive.. And i think I’m ready for it… yeayy for me!!!

Now, not only climbing is scratched off from my wish list.. but also instant camera!! yeayy again!! Got it from my last visit to Japan.. that was a month ago maybe? Was travelling to Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Indonesia… Was fun, tiring and all.. It has been quite hectic hence the need to hit the pause button to blogging.. I have stopped blogging about “Spelling Gone Wrong!”.. “FoodLove” too.. Not that i haven’t seen them nor find any but just… no time? hehehe.. Alasan.. I know… But yeah.. I’m still on the look.. so yea.. Mungkin after this, i will find them.. just wait and see… hehehehe

Horr… ape lagi~~

Dah laa.. ade je lagi.. I went Go Kart in Cyberjaya.. I went Melaka for a getaway with friends… I did this and that.. but I’ll bore you guys with what I’m doing.. Others are doing the same too.. hehehe..


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