Chinese New Year Reunion Lunch =D

Yea yea… Chinese New year was like a month ago but heck.. My blog hasn’t been updated since then!

I just have to  put this on since I’d appreciate people who do write about this..

Nasi Arab Damsyik~~

Yeap… If you are a big fan of nasi arab, you probably heard of this place… The thing is.. for this trip, my family and I actually made the way to Senawang, on a public holiday where the traffic is like craaeeeeyyyzeyyy!! I’m surprised we actually went all the way for just nasi arab lunch! Nasib it was worth it!

My lil sister baru abes pantang.. so she was like craving to go out..

And because we didn’t get any breakfast sebab nak jage perut, hamek kau~~!

Tu diaaa

Tu diaaa

Angle lain plakkk

Angle lain plakkk

And as the caption said, satu tray tak cukup woo!! and hafta say, first time, isi ayam daging lagi byk dari nasi!!

After one tray we realized, it is not enough...

After one tray we realized, it is not enough…

below is the operation time.. Remember to not come on Tuesday yea!

NOTE the closing DAY

NOTE the closing DAY

Dah kenyang… jalan kat jusco senawang sat… tapi Ya Allah ramai nye manusia… nak duduk cari tmpt minum pun takde… so we all went back.. Because we had set our mind we will eat dessert, we stopped by at Secret Recipe and had cake and coffee…



Way to finish my CNY Reunion lunch~~

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