Nippon Paint Part 3

Saturday.. it was should have been my last day… hehehe.. story to come later…

So i thought of waking up VERY early in the morning to catch up with long queue to witness the fish bidding in Tsukiji Market.. I got a little too excited and thought waking up at 4am is nothing..


I was definitely wrong.. I slept late and definitely could not get up at even 5am!! So we, my friend and i agreed to just wake up normal time for normal people like, grab home-made breakfast and make our way from Chuo-ku..


It was just a walk away from Tsukiji market and I had no problem walking in a good weather like we had that day.. Its been awhile since I last walk in a cold weather. I like it when it’s a little bit cloudy, not so much of sunshine. I felt it’s calming and soothing at the same time.. At the same time, I enjoy the view..

Kids playing at the playground.. and i meant toddlers.. They look so cute!! sometimes I wonder why won’t i signed up for something that has something to do with kids.. I’d love to play and just play with them.. =)

After a good walk, we finally arrive at the area.. People are queuing up for breakfast; hot and sizzling breakfast.. Smells good too!


There’s a lot people in the market.. Most of them are Japanese but from their conversation, they are not locals.. Even they are at awe looking at the catches… Oh!! and I found this at the traffic stop.. I was told it is a “truck” to bring the big boxes/carts around.. The big yellow drum is the engine and on top is the steering wheel.. I did my own “inspection” on a parked truck and the wheel is not just to change direction, but also the pedal.. you actually press on it to move forward as well.. Kinda cool ey? hehehe20130202_105011

As I said, even the Japanese are at awe looking at the catches.. and you can imagine my reaction!! *nganga* They have so many things to offer!! From fresh fish/crabs/squids, to fresh cut eggs, to grilled chicken, to cutleries!


EGGS!! Fish roe, squids, and it comes in different color and size too!!!


Fresh tuna that almost looks like meat!! *in a way, they are..hehehe!! but you know what i mean*


Squids as long as 2 feet!!


Yummy smell from this grilled chicken!!


Octopus or Ika! Big ones!!
Boleh ganti pulut kuning buat cucuk telur bersanding hehehehe


Fresh Crab and still alive!
Berbulu weyhhhh hahaha!!

What excites me was this big catch!!! It was grand! Well at least for me.. *tee hee,..* I might have missed the auction in the market earlier but to get to see this big of a tuna… Gosh~ it was just amazing! Did i tell you, that on January 1st of 2013.. they had the very first auction of the year and it is one of the biggest event for the market every year.. Big companies/parties would come in to bid on this big fishy… The most expensive fish they actually bidded was USD 1.5Million for a 300kg*that’s like 660lbs!* Tuna!! Craaeeeyyzeyyyyyy!


Check out the tail!!20130202_111149

Obviously with this fresh of ingredient, it is only natural to put up SUSHI stalls! They have rowsss of sushi stalls but you see.. they are just too many visitors that every stall was full with people and lines of people queuing up as well!! I’m not sure how fast do people come and go at the sushi bar but i don’t have that time pleasure that I wish i have.. so i just took some pictures, peek what’s going on in each stall and I was off..


Along the way out, I saw this vending machine.. I thought it was cool.. They have the menus out side of the restaurant/stall, have the customer choose, order and pay at the vending machine, and then, they will walk in and wait for the food. So, the only activity in the stall is people serving food, customer eat up and go when they are done.. Easy for the owners too… Brilliant!20130202_113846

It was a good morning to not enjoy a cup of coffee and apparently, this coffee shop is one good and famous one too.. 😉


I wanted to get a teapot so we had to walk in the market area again… And i was surely happy that i did!!

Check this picture out!!

Apparently, from a conversation i heard from two aunties, the meats scrapped off from the bones are the one of the best part… It was exactly the same part that I had from my big lunch the day before.. It was nice, trust me… *smirk* and expensive too *again, info from aunty who eventually had to think twice weather to get it or not..hehehe*

So I had enough of fishy stuff so we head back home to pack my teapot since my flight was supposedly to be that evening hehehe.. Will get back to that point again..

So I decided to go to Akihabara… Jurai and Daia suggested this place as well and even told me to go in any of the buildings.. Which I didn’t get it the first time.. So i kept on bugging them on Whatsapp where is the place, which building cause obviously there’s buildings everywhere i put my eyes on with the same description; with Anime banners and display all over the windows..

After awhile, Jurai finally gave me the biggest hint.. Just follow any “businessman” like Japanese; suits, nerdy look etc… LOL!! describing this make me giggle.. that’s a typical description of an Otaku.. google it if you don’t understand that term.. but before you do, slap your forehead first cause anyone knows! hahaha!!

This was the lucky building i decided to inspect.. No, I did not follow any businessman cause I was smart enough to understand by then.. hehehe *Perasan Mode:ON*

I would usually just write whatever but I’ll let the experience inside the building be a bit private rather than public.. hahaha!! *evil laugh*


By the time we were done with the building tour, it was 3ish i think and suddenly, the weather changed from chill to warm.. I had to take off my jacket because it was THAT warm… Kinda nice to have a lil warmth and sometimes cold wind blowing through..

On the way back, my friend actually brought me to one of houses there and check that out.. Because the building is rigid to it’s structure, a truck wouldn’t fit in the garage.. So what can they do? Be a lil creative 😉


So as i was waiting for the time I should be on the train to the airport, i just had to contemplate with myself.. This trip was too fun to end that day.. I was worried about people back home and at the same time, I want to stay.. But in the end, with a lil of lets go crazy and just do it moment, I add just as lil as MYR150 and I have the whole night in Japan! woohoo!! *LOL!*

So had a lil rest for a bit, and decided to go Tokyo Water Front City..

Real Size Gundam figure.. Awesome.. Sweet.. Breath taking.. Move on… hahahahhaa!!!

Had dinner and inside the mall, there’s a place where you could pay around JPY400 for 90minutes to play anything inside.. from bullriding, archades, to golf simulations, baseball range and basketball court!! Awesome stuff!!

20130202_194927That night was really awesome!! Its been forever since i had real fun being a kid again.. it’s like in a small pusat riadah.. hehehhe!! I didn’t wanna go but  mommy and daddy dah marah.. so i had to stomp my way out.. hehehehe… *no people, it was definitely a joke*

If i had one more opportunity to go Japan, I’d go there again 😉

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