Nippon Paint Part 2 =D

The second day I was in Japan, it was just work.. So lame~~

But, from the dinner the night before, I actually told my Japanese colleagues that i LOVE sashimi and ESPECIALLY tuna.. Having that thought, for lunch, they actually brought me to a typical sushi restaurant.. It’s pretty cool.. You got to sit at the bar and it’s really small too.. It can occupy like less than 14 people at a time.. But since people sit, eat and go, it almost feel like the place is always full and can still cater for all..



The food was excellent! I had a BIG portion of sushi; rice at the bottom and sashimi on top.. I always thought sushi is the small type.. But actually, the small normal ones i always have is called Nigiri.. and the one I had is called Tenka… Really nice but too much raw fish for me in a meal heeee =S


A meeting after that big lunch doesn’t help.. But good meetings help..  During the night, head out to Roppongi.. Went to a high end mall i assumed cause people there were.. well.. has this high end look.. hahaha!! But was not that bad.. I had dinner at in Italian restaurant and apparently, it is a fine dine restaurant.. Exquisite.. hehehe….

This is not the animal I ate~~

This is not the animal I ate~~

We were first served an appetiser that i have forgotten.. but i think it was salmon, roes, some small kind of flower and some other stuff.. it was nice.. cold sensation taste.. Lets just say, it deserves to be an appetiser =D


Then we had pasta served with poached eggs and sea urchin.. Mix it up, then you get the yellow egg to mix perfectly with the sea urchin.. The taste was incredible.. the full taste of the yolk and sweetness from the sea urchin mixed really well.. I’m actually drooling thinking of the taste hehehe..


Then, we got I think grilled salmon, served with peas and veggies and don’t remember what sauce.. the salmon was grilled to perfection and goes perfectly with the veggies.. *tibe2, teringat iklan “Kukus, grill, panggang.. kukus, grill panggang.. ehhehe*


Then, there was dessert.. Awesome chocolate cake/pudding/mousse.. Imagine all three on a spoon! yummeyyh~~~


After that, went round Roppongi area.. nothing much when you don’t drink or club.. but it sure is happening.. and i got to visit the hard rock to get a shot glass.. adding more to my collection =D

Okie.. i’m getting restless imagining good food and not having to taste it again..

off to bed~

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