Nippon Paint =D

2 days after my trip to Penang, I had to hop on a plane and flew 6 hours to the country of sunrise.. acehhh~~

My flight was at 1135pm so i have plenty of time.. But the thought of its kinda late.. and after that 6hours plus flight, i had to sit in with customers for a discussion.. fuhhhhh~~ Talk about mental exhaustion…

So yea.. I had to stay up in the airport till that late.. I was really tired already by then.. I just want to hop on the plane, and shut my eyes to sleep.. And that was exactly what i did.. Gile syok.. Didnt even eat dinner that they serve.. Heck.. It’s midnite supper.. and prolly still be eating rice and all dat stuff.. not my type of menu for supper.. Kasi laa haagen daaz ke.. For the very least, cake.. hehehe.. demanding.. yea yea.. hehe


I reached Narita International Airport around 7am in the morning.. My flight touched earlier than expected which was good for me since I have a meeting at 10am that i need to attend… I got out of the arrival lounge by 745am and went straight to the bus counter.. The best part while buying was the receptionist actually asked for my passport to verify my age so i could get special rates for UNDER 25years old.. I saw the ad and it was from JPY 2,900 to JPY2,500.. so I insisted not to give my passport. In the end, I had to tell her that I am over 25 years old.. She apologized but in my heart, I was kinda flattered.. hehehe…

Another hour to Yokohama was… like rocking a baby to sleep.. Had a few minutes to doze off.. Once I reach Yokohama, got my bag and there was my college.. I didn’t have the chance to change into my working attire! I just changed into my working tshirt and we are off… Had a good 2 hours meeting and we are off for lunch.. My colleges.. hurmmm… off topic.. my colleges here, they are all my dad’s and uncles’s age.. so they really do take good care of me like their own daughter i guess.. but, we still do talk about business.. So sometimes, it felt weird talking to older people and telling them what they could do when they probably have wayyyy much more experience then i do..

Anyways, they brought me to Kirin Factory.. It’s a beer brewing factory and its the largest from 4-5 factories that Kirin has.. Was not there for the beer OK! But apparently there’s a good food place to eat.. And like i said, they really took care of me and asked if any of the food without beer/alcohol.. Ok laa.. ade laa.. salad.. hahaha!! makan je la..

photo 1

So.. This place is called Spring Valley Restaurant.. Nice ambient.. good food.. When i was there, there aren’t many people since people don’t really eat there for lunch during weekdays.. But, there’s a lot of people during the weekend.. especially the tourist group as well.. After their tour in the factory, they will sometimes stop there for a quick coffee or other than beer.. hehe.. I think they could actually taste freshly brewed beer from the tour.. Not that it matter to me 😉

photo 2

After that, we just drove off to Tokyo and they left me in the hotel to check in, refresh and probably have a quick rest.. they’ll pick me up at 7pm for dinner.. By the time I’m in my room, it is already 4ish.. So I took a quick shower, set up my laptop real quick.. and before i was drown into my work, i took a quick sleep..

They asked me earlier what do i wanna eat and what’s my don’ts.. i just said.. Anything authentic and local.. So they brought me to a local cuisine restaurant cum a place for them to drink.. And all kind of vegetable dishes came in.. Radish, pickles, tofu etc etc.. then, there was sashimi.. THAT WAS YUMMY!! Especially the meguro.. In Malaysia, it’s not as fresh as the ones in Japan.. the sweetness is perfect and the flesh is just marvellous for me..

At first, they kind of hesitant to drink since I don’t drink.. But as time goes by and I kind of insist them, they did.. and they started to order other than veggies and fishes.. ehhe.. But they didnt put it near my plate.. Then, suddenly, came a plate with 4-5 thin slices of meat.. I know it is not fish or any seafood meat.. And then they told me it is one of their favorite cuisine and very good for the health; horse meat.. Okie.. If the horse is being slaughtered dengan care yang betul and COOKED… I wouldnt mind trying.. But this… tak sembelih satu.. it is raw!! ngaaaa!!

But it was definitely a good dinner.. I had fun with their craziness.. =)


The first time i went to Japan i don’t think i wrote anything about it.. It was in December… For work but shorter visit..

But well.. let me see if i can remember…


Tak hingat ape name anjing neh.. hahaha!

I reached Narita airport around 7pm I think.. Sampai sampai.. I can’t help but to smile and feel happy.. especially since its winter and I LOIKE winter! hehe.. Since sampai awal.. checked in and by then boss is already out for dinner, so I went out with a friend.. bawak pi jalan kat negara orang yang i have no idea about.. The first stop was Shibuya… The place where nothing much is going on but once the traffic goes green for pedestrian, sungguh laa happening.. But that kinda it.. hahaha!! tapi to be inthe middle of the keserabutan tuh agak syok.. hehehehe


Lepas tuh kami pi starbucks because i wasn’t that hungry… minum minum… then we jalan jalan summore.. Most of the time we just walk around to see the area… ala2 tengok kawasan.. hehehe.. nasib tak jumpe yakuza mane2..

Oh and I realized on my way to the subway station that my hotel is actually really near to Tokyo Tower and it’s really nice at night.. Really!  Google Mielparque Hotel.. The price is also not as bad =)

The next day, after meeting, our Japanese college brought us to Skytree.. it was marvellous but the line was a disaster! We had to wait for an hour!! gilo! We just went round the place and bought some souvenirs and we were done.. Then we went to Senso-ji temple.. It is just a walk away from skytree so it was kinda convenient.. I like the area since they sell local stuff, local snacks and a lot of other stuff which i didnt get the time to check each stall.. By then, the night starts to crawl out and the weather gets colder.. So we decided to set home…







That night, I set out from hotel to Harajuku street.. Because they have like more than 5 lines of subways/railways.. I got hard time deciding which line should i take first and next and bla bla bla… so I ended up wasting time and money on a long track hahahaha!! Hence, before you do take the line, think carefully =p Regardless, I reached there safely and just walk around the streets.. That was kinda nice.. Eventho by then most of the shops are closed, but I still got to see some of the shops.. and theres this one street… Main street.. it has a lot of high-end brands.. But the shops/buildings sangat la smart! Didn’t get any pictures but i like the ambience.. Singapore has one street like that.. Malaysia……. Paling dekat i can think of is Bukit Bintang laa but not the shops/buildings.. the ambience, the lights.. more or less la.. 20121220_200403

Something creepy for me along the way back.. hahaha!!
20121220_211349I’ll write more on Japan since I didn’t do much sightseeing during weekdays but I had fun during the weekend =D =D

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