When good’ol gals gone a lil wild.. P2

Orite… I have a few stories pending and so I’m gonna do this since its the hooooooleeeeedayyyyhhhh!! *yeah~ excited lebih sebab busy sampai lupe skang long weekend*

So… We started our journey to Perak around 5ish… We stopped by Bukit Semanggol for prayers, call up homestay owners.. Pokcik homestay kami macam garang kut.. sebab we’ol janji 6pm and we ended up still in Bukit Semanggol at that time hehehe… Ooopss!! Sorry pakcik..We got time problem.. Car-lag =p

So off we go from there and reached Bandar Seri Iskandar around 730pm.. The homestay is only like 5km from UTP and in a new housing area. It is a 2 storey-link and hafta say.. Really nice and worth our money… Not that I remember how much but definitely cheaper than a hotel..


We asked Faisal and Hikmah where are they having dinner since Faisal is quite familiar with the area.. They ate at this place called….. I dont remember.. hahahaha!!! But its a restaurant near the Petronas pump station there and it serves western food. Since myn and Jurai had enough of Pasembur, they wanted something more…. local aka rice.. hehehe.. so Faisal recommended “Masakan Seafood & Thai” Restaurant.. Butttttttt… not sure why, we ended up eating with them.. good thing the restaurant do have fried rice… so yea… The place is actually not that bad.. I had Cordon Bleu and it was OK… and of course, the price is not super expensive… Always better =)

We reach home like 10pm ish.. and slept by 11pm.. We had to wake up early to be at Zati’s place around 930am….

Adzan subuh woke me up that morning and had our normal routine.. Wanted to continue my sleep a few more minutes but ended up berborak with the girls till we had to nag each other to go and take our bath and prepare..

Once we reach Bota, Zati was in Manjung to get ready.. So we kinda… lepak around the house.. hehehe.. few minutes after, she was back and we teman her in her room.. She had three other friends with her so we kinda stayed aside and let the three do last minute touch ups.. and we do ours.. haha!! And of course… picturesssss!! We cant resist that of course 😉


Once we knew the groom is already there, we went out and prepare ourselves at the best seat to view the whole holly event..


Cukup dekat laa tuh kan? hehehe

Congrats Zati and Adi!!

She’s finally married and we girls know how happy she was that day… Some of us even cried when everything is done cause it is such a touching moment.. *awww~~*

So the groom went back to his homestay to prepare for the evening reception.. and we again, duduk tepi buat semak rumah zati.. hehehe.. But zati’s dress was gorgeous; green+gold dress.. It was definitely different than the ones i’ve seen before and it is one of the best dress yet.. And of course, she looks lovely in it…


Though, this one, she looks more like a bride-zilla with the color scheme and all hehe

So yea, we joyah-ly again try to make ourselves useful.. arrange the hantarans…and…… that was it.. hahaha!! We really didnt know what to do.. she had everything well organized and nothing we could help out with… Good job Zati and family! 😉


Yes… we also do what we do best.. amek gambar.. hehehe… When the groom sampai.. it was already like 1pm I think and it was scorching hot!! I have no idea how the two newly weds did but the girls and I were too much of puteri lilin *girls who can’t stand hot weather*, we ended up borrowing the newly weds room hehehe.. Sorry Zati!! Some of us even had a quick nap! hehehe.. then around 3pm, college’s from Transwater came and gave me a call.. So I went out to teman them and kinda jadi host on behalf.. Then, the girls followed me out and had lunch.. by then, it was not as hot as before.. so kami boleh laa duduk di luar.. tuh pun duduk kawasan VIP.. hehehe..

Apparently, there was a few accidents on the highway, resulting heavy traffics.. So at the early part of the reeption, tak ramai friends but people started to pop-up after 330pm.. Good thing the food are all still there.. so again, great job Zati!


By 400pm.. people dah tak ramai but some Vandy people are still around.. Newly weds can finally sit with us and just catch up.. We even made the event “our” event when we requested Irwan to “dedicate” a song to the newly weds.. *more like nak suke-suke ajer~~* Good thing Irwan was a sport and did!


We went back around 430pm and we were definitely beat.. Went back, took a shower.. and thought we would take a nap.. but instead.. we end up berborak and gossiping.. hehehehehe… All we know, it was already time for maghrib… Time for prayers and makan again!!!

We wanted to eat seafood and we even asked Adi for recommendations.. Apparently, Lumut is not that famous for its seafood.. If there is any, it would be between Manjung area and Sitiawan.. We were told to go to this one restaurant with only 2 descriptions; The restaurant looks like it only serve Tomyam and it is yellow color.. Thanks Dr Adi.. that helps =D..  No, like REALLY! hahahhaa!!

IMG-20130202-WA0005there’s only one yellow restaurant and it does written there tomyam something2 restaurant.. we were too hungry *AGAIN!* and wanted to order everything.. good thing they don’t have ketam and kerang.. so we settle with kerapu, udang and sotong… hahaha!! basically, we cover all seafood laa kan? makan2.. abes~~~ Kami kenyang, lalu pulang dan tidur.. hahaha!!

The next day, we wanted to get a good breakfast but we have no clue where.. We were only told by Faisal, there’s a good Nasi Lemak bawah pokok, by the road to Ipoh.. by this time, Faisal, Hikmah, Lil Ameena and Fiqah has already gone back.. and because the description is too impossible for us to notice.. we just went out to the same area we had dinner the night before and had a heavy breakfast.. at 10am i think, they already serving lunch! that’s Malaysian brunch man!! hehehe.. and we head out to KL by 1130am…

On our way back, as we were approaching Tanjung Malim, I kinda like asked again if we want to check out the pau that people are talking about.. or should i say, Daia’s boss were talking about.. he even asked her to tapau for him.. heck, since we are already on the way, why not? and we did.. it was not hard at all to find it but because we were too busy depending on our SMARTPHONES.. we forgot to use our SMARTBRAINS to find it with our eyes.. long story short.. we were there~~


Wanted to tapau for a friend and called him up and asked.. He was like “no laahhh… the pau is not that good la.. at least for me.. you buy one first and try.. if you like it, then OK laa..” Good thing i called him up.. By then, Myn had a packet of pre-cooked pau in her hand.. so we did as we were told..

Verdict? well.. the dough was nice.. but not the filling.. Its.. normal.. nothing WOW to it.. and we end up eating 2 paus.. and that was it.. yeay for the call! hehehe..

Seriously, don't judge a pau by its smell...

Seriously, don’t judge a pau by its smell…

we continue on our journey to KL… but!! our food hunting doesn’t stop there! Jurai wanted to eat sushi and we went One Utama for Sushi Zanmai… Good god the parking lots were TOTALLY FULL!!!!! we had hard time hunting for a car park for almost more than 30 minutes maybe?? and we were damn happy when we did.. by then, from not that hungry to hungry!! *could you see the pattern how we ended up eating a whole big meal??*


And our journey ends there… Everyone went back to their own place and lived on.. but at least, we finally did spoil our taste buds with good food and definitely, another moment to add in our good ‘ol moments in life..

So girls… where next? =D =D

1 thought on “When good’ol gals gone a lil wild.. P2

  1. Izzati

    lOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST.!! tak perasan pon. padahal dah lama dah. heheh Thanks Sonick. Glad you guys had fun! 🙂 Seronok sangat you guys were there…


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