When good’ol gals gone a lil wild.. P1

It has been planned for months.. but only by verbal.. hehehe… Last minute, even our team leader was too busy; up and down platforms.. so someone has to start triggering the old taste buds that has been quietly craving for GOOD FOOD and good outing with good’ol frens..

We only agreed on our itinerary few weeks before it really happened.. and like always, last minute planning is always the best.. hehe… and this time around, we have new joiners.. This would be the first time we shall be travelling with Faisal and lil’ Ameena.. It is always fun with bigger group..


We started our road trip to north on Thursday.. Since it’s a long weekend, we expected a lot of cars on the road.. True enough, there were quite a few but not so much that we had to be in long-almost-no-end traffic.. though the girls slept at one point and had MY moments with Daia’s good ‘ol songs.. hehehe.. more like kene pakse layan hehe.. Once we reached Penang, first thing we wanted to do was EAT!! Our first stop: KAPITAN!

We wanted to go the one on Gurney Drive.. and to our surprise, it was closed due to renovation.. and our stomachs were more frustrated than we were!!


So bermula lah acara google-mengoogle.. Since we have set our mind to eat Chicken Milano la, Nasi beriyani la.. so we opt for another Kapitan near by.. and to our joy, there is another Kapitan nearby.. took us 10 minutes to that place and 5 minutes to know the exact place hehe.. we lost our sense of direction when our hunger control us.. We started to order the impossible.. we ate like we haven’t been eating for days! OK… over exaggerating.. we ate one meal each but we kinda did wish to order another.. Just because we THOUGHT the portion was kinda small..

In the end.. we settled with one meal each; cept for one who had 2 meals.. and yes, her meal was kind of small… *cough*yea rite*cough*..

Then we head to our homestay in Batu Feringhi.. Was not that bad at all.. it is on a hill side and we could see the sea from our floor.. From our balcony? errr.. well.. just some… de-foresting.. hehehe.. Because Faisal was kinda tired *alasan*, we just lepak.. our plan was to go to Padang Kota to eat pasembur.. but we were just too lazy to go though the curvy roads.. so we settled to just find something to eat around there.. at the same time, we could go round the night market there…

So we did go out like 8 ish.. i think.. second stop: SOME ARAB PLACE.. Apparently, that place is just FULL with arabs.. I thought there would be more seafood place.. but there’s only one and from other blogs, it seems expensive.. so we skipped that..


We were quite full so we had hard time to decide on food.. but i ate another meal of lamb.. gosh.. 2 meals of lamb in a day!! crazzeyy~~ *baru perasan* and OMG!!! this place was just quite horrible.. it took them god knows how long to serve us 8 small pieces of lamb, burger, wrap and something.. from not hungry to hungry! hehehe.. but by then, Ameena started to feel a lil grumpy.. so the mom and dad had to call it a night.. and left us 5 gals to the night market.. No pictures there cuz there isnt any interesting moment to take..


oh wait!!!! I did take a picture!!! It was Myn’s picture choosing some t-shirts…. then, this pengkid *local name for a girl who looks like a boy* told me that I can’t take a photo in the shop.. fine.. so i put my fon in my bag.. and she was like “Delete now.. in front of me..” I started to give her this whats-up-with-u-b***h, and didn’t do a thing.. she ain’t stopping there.. “delete saya nak tengok” you wanna see me delete it girl????? I brought it out, delete it, make an annoyed face with a smirk on my face and said “ok? PUAS???” and walked off.. Myn who was there all along, followed me out.. heck!! marah jugak aku.. cakap baik2 i can accept.. gelak2 sket.. okie laa.. cakap dengan penuh bagus.. padahal baju ntah pape je pun.. ishhh.. geram jugakkk hati~~ terus tkde mood for the night.. But regardless, I think each of us had something to bring back from the market =D =D


That morning, we went out like 9ish i think.. We started to feel hungry and we decided to eat MEE MAMAK in Hamiedah Restaurant.. We were so excited cause we were just too hungry for good food.. But again, our stomachs were sad to know the shop is closed.. not closed down but just not in operation that day.. have no clue why.. so we just move along while googling what to eat.. Then we saw LINE CLEAR NASI KANDAR and remember reading it somewhere.. so agreed to eat there.. well, we kinda dictate it.. Hikmah has no say as she had doubt with the cleanlinest of the place hehehe.. but it was not that bad.. it was neat.. and hafta say clean..


We were there at around 11am and there were only one or two groups before us.. We started to pick some food and i thought of getting 3 side lauks but this pakcik stopped me at my second order of chicken and chicken liver.. was kinda sad but ok.. It was good… wasn’t super marvellous but was good for my empty stomach.. and yes… didn’t get to finish it punn hehehehhe… was more than enough… everyone was happy with the food.. we chatted more and people started to walk in.. I was sitting against the entrance so didn’t know what’s happening behind me.. cept people started filling the place.. and by the time we were on our feet to move out, there’s a LONGGGGGG line… was happy we did come earlier than the crowd.. and was more surprised with the line.. People actually wouldn’t mind at waiting in a long line to eat at this place.. In all honesty, its not super delicious that you’ll never stop thinking about it.. but yeah.. we still had our stomachs happy =D


We then make our move to Gurney Plaza.. Nothing in particular just we need to give back the key to our homestay.. and i need to find myself ribbon for my dress.. hehe.. it is just another mall with starbux, aldo, charles keith etc.. so nothing special there.. but we spent there like 3 hours before we made our move to ear Char Kueh Teow.. Unfortunately, Padang Brown is not open.. only the chinese food court was.. so we had to find another alternative and went to Padang Kota.. makan pasembur.. we were kinda hungry by then.. so we were looking forward for it..

20130125_160433Sampai sampai, we were like girls choosing heels and pumps! but for our tummy!!! good god banyak gile we took! but actually.. tak banyak.. cause we were gonna share it for 6.. we had some kuehs, 2 of squids and 1 medium size prawn… it cost us MYR 40!! that is just super crazy!!! too expensive! say no to it!! but it has been paid, and we just eat it up…


We were suddenly werewolves, gobbling the Pasembur like no one’s business! we ended up finishing it up but we still want more.. rubbish dispencer pun kalah.. so we decided to get another plate, from another place.. just to taste and feel who’s taste better.. so Faisal went to get another plate almost the same thing from the one before but without the animals, i.e., squids and prawn.. And how much is the pasembur now?MYR18!!! Damn we were cheated… So not fair… well, that’s how it is… Once you are an outsider, they’ll get you pay like hell.. if locals, they would probably make a big fuss out of it.. So, if you are visiting this place for pasembur, get some Penang-ites with you or get yourself converted to a Penang-ites for a day hehehhee…

After that big meal.. we ended our journey in Penang and began our trip to Perak……..

3 thoughts on “When good’ol gals gone a lil wild.. P1

  1. secret admirer

    Good story line…i have been following your blogs n articles for quite sometime now….and i must say, i enjoyed reading them. Keep writing and you already have a big fan by now…….

  2. Izzati

    Seronoknye!!! seriously food tripping sounds so much fun!!! need to do this again with me around. hehehe demanding tak?

    Best sangat baca! 🙂

  3. an1es0n1ck Post author

    Secret Admirer – Thanks~~! The only fan would be you kutt hehehe
    Izzati – Yeap it was!! Jom kite pegi sumwer near cukup kut… Nanti senang Dr. nak patah balik bile kene panggil hehehehe


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