The Walker vs The Talker

By the way, ni cite semalam…….

Aniesonick’s definition…

WALKER: Someone who walks away from a problem/argument for whatever reason; whether to take a break from the argument, take a minute or two to think over, or just walking away.

TALKER: Someone who talks with or without thinking first before saying things..

So, this morning on, with Lil Kev and Sarimah~~! *ala2 advertisement*.. they talk about this topic.. I would have called up but heck.. aku tak cukup kerajinan lagi nak warwarkan suare lunak ku di radio.. So pikir jer laa sesorg dalam otak, dalam keta..

The question was, which one are you?

My answer is, I’m a walker..

Some callers said its not good to walk out from your problem.. and it is always the talker who actually has to solve the problems because the talkers believe they need to solve the problem right there and then.. Unlike walkers, they don’t get the problem solved.. Well, I believe that if it is a positive argument, there would not be walking away situation.. You will think into it as well and get it solved. But if it is an argument, yang sorang pot pet pot pet.. stat hayun tangan kemane mane.. sorang lagi geleng2 kepale atas kerusi.. malas nk cakap.. skali skale bagi jelingan berhantu.. yang kene jeling, lagi hangin… pastu stat ngungkit ngungkit.. yang duduk tadi tak tahan, cabut.. Hence the talker and the walker..

*yes.. too much of drama helps with the scene… No, it is not from self experience… takmo laa.. Na’uzubillah kau~~*

If it was me, I would probably walk away when i said LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN… and orang tuh tak listen listen.. hehehe… *mind u, i am not gonna comment on dis more… but what i have to say, one of them showed matuarity, and the other showed childishness…* Sebab harus laa aku dah hangin kan.. asek die jer nak talk talk.. aku punye citer kau tak nak dengar kan… why? bagi diriku tenang.. bagi diri die tenang..


Daripada Abu Hurairah bahawa Rasulullah telah bersabda:”Bukanlah orang yang kuat itu orang yang selalu menumpaskan orang lain, sesungguhnya orang yang kuat itu adalah orang yang dapat mengawal diri ketika marah.”

(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)


When we are that mad.. we don’t use that thing in our head to speak.. we use the thing in our chest to speak.. and that way, the serpent would easily burn you more and more.. and eventually, it will become a BIG fight.. wouldn’t it be easier if you just calm yourself down and then talk?

Ketiadaan perasaan marah pun tak logik jugak.. Perasaaan marah itu adalah lumrah kehidupan manusia.. Perasaan sayang, suka, sedih, jeles dan ini termasuklah perasaan marah.. But, its up to that oneself bagaimana to control those feelings.. Its all about how you manage yourself..

2 thoughts on “The Walker vs The Talker

  1. jimmy532

    i’m a bit of both.. kadang2 jd talker, talk with logic & try to suppress emotion.. tp kadang2 penat, tak peduli apa dh berlaku & walk away.. yg penting jgn stresskan diri sbb keje


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