Kesengsaraan Minda Selepas Ketenangan Jiwa

Weekend before the last weekend, Nana got engaged with Mafiq.. woohoo!! Nana is a good friend from SSP years and Mafiq is a sweet friend from Vanderbilt years.. Who would have known nana is finally getting married this year.. hahahaha!!! But anyways, congratulation girl and happy for you!! Also, you look awesome that dat 😉

Nana's Engagement

You look awesome walaupun not so much in this picture L0L!!

Last week, the first two days of the week I went Kuantan.. Business trip yang i felt very worthwhile going… And going with this babe does contributes to it.. Usually, i would travel alone but this time.. It’s kinda nice to have a good company hehehehe…


Kami kanak-kanak riang!


Kami kanak-kanak jakun tengok cermin besar

And despite all that happiness in life, aku stress once balik office.. With work load crazy like a crazy clown jack… achieving bosses expectations.. achieving customers expectations… Customer’s needs.. nak itu ini.. aku plak pi commit jer sume.. bile nak buat, tak tahu nak start mane.. pastu cam org gile stress.. sampai pening-pening kan diri.. terpakse balik awal jugak.. balik ajer, pengsan…

5477249-a-box-devil-is-toys-which-looks-from-the-outside-like-a-box-with-a-crank-if-one-turns-these-he-playsThe next day, pandai plak motivate diri sendiri.. terus jadi proactive and efficient.. hohohoho!!! Bangge kut!! *sendiri bangge sudaaaaa*

Pastu the weekend came.. Actually.. there’s a family function/outing.. pastu Jumaat call, diorg cancel lak.. and tak bgtau awal2.. oh hangin diriku tak terkate.. i would have arranged something for myself!!!

But again, good companies are always good and i got friends to do so…


kami di Port Klang makan seafoodddddd

Gambar di atas diambil sejurus selepas order kami di ambil.. Tapi again.. frust menungging lagi aku dibuatnye… Food plakkkkkk siap lambat… Our table-neighbor waited for more than an hour and end up leaving the place without even eating!!! How crazy is that!!! Sape laaaa tak hangin kan??? Sejam lebih jugak lerrr menunggu food.. Nasib sikit jer lauk kitorg.. Itu pun… salah jugak… gosh~~~ nak kate tak nak pegi dah.. takle.. sbb sedap.. tapi nak pegi lagi rase cam.. Puiii!!! service cam hampeh… so terpakse laa aku puiii sket2 jerr.. sebab nanti nak datang lagi.. hehehehe

Oh tidakk.. aku merepek..

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