Another weekend..

Yeap.. its another weekend.. The first weekend of the year too!!

Am going Melaka for a friend’s wedding and since for what ever reason, I am not in a good mood.. I planned to have fun with some friends.. Sometimes, you just need it.. Where you don’t think much and just do what you like…

Apparently, this week as well, I got a few orders for cheesecake.. *rasanye dah cakap..* so I shall keep myself occupied with baking.. also some trial and error I hope.. the only thing i hate about baking is, if it doesn’t come out right… what do you do with the cake??? feed it to the bin.. such a waste~~

anyways.. talking about weekend.. Me and some girlfriends thought of going out together cause one is getting married, one is giving birth, and one is celebrating her birthday. But in the end, things didn’t go as planned.. So instead, they are just going to meet up over lunch.. Unfortunately/Fortunately, I’m going to Melaka.. But it would be nice if I could join them…

So as we were planning over mails, one of us actually brought up that we actually been friends for almost 9 years now! how time flies!! and what interesting is… we didn’t realize that we are actually… urmmm… wiser~~ hehehehe… ok.. fine.. getting older.. hehehe… and even after those years, we didn’t even realize that  our gossips and chats actually evolved.. I mean, before, its about building our career.. finding a man *which for some, still searching till today*.. about  getting married and such.. But now, it’s about pregnancy, life after marriage, getting more salary or promoted or jumping on to somewhere better and that kind of stuff.. A lil bit about getting a home to ourselves and that sorta thing as well…

Its normal.. right?

People grow up.. our priority in life changes as time goes by.. We meet new people, we learn something new, we adapt to new environment, we learn new culture and all those kind that contributes to your growing up process.. Interesting as it is, we are still the same person deep inside.. If I look at my friends or hang out with them.. I can still see the same person I knew from college.. and I guess that is why we are still friends till today..

So to my dear girlfriends and you know who you are… I do cherish you guys.. I do believe you will treat me as that same person you knew from 9 years back and vise versa.. I do hope we will still be the same.. still joke around as we always do.. and hope our husbands would be good friends as we are.. and hopefully even our kids =)


*ade gaye gossip girls tak? ngeh ngeh*

3 thoughts on “Another weekend..

  1. ileena

    known u for 13 years already and its been awesome!thank you bridesmaid…you have 3 more events to go ha ha ha!
    love you!
    p/s: my future husband is already your bff.let’s hope your husband is any one of us too :P.
    eh sonick, actually i’m looking for a sister in law! “____”

  2. an1es0n1ck Post author

    Kan???? 13 years and i still feel like we are the same kiddos from school.. haha!! I got 3 events to go lagi ke? hurmmm *confuse~*
    Your future husband must be my bff already.. nnt aku curi wife die.. siape susah? ngeh ngeh~~

    sister in law? yours? I gotta think few times.. tuh pun tak sure terime tak lagi.. hahaha!! tapi kalau handsome akan dipertimbangkan hahaha


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