A little diary moment

Dear Self,

Year by year.. day by day.. You’ve learnt the unexpected.. You have learnt that things aren’t that straight forward at times and sometimes.. It is as it is.. Accept it and take it..

But even that, it is not easy.. There’s the emotion turmoil.. the light headed after long night cry.. The hot flaming anger in your chest.. The regrets.. The happiness you need to put behind.. You’ll put yourself in that small corner and just calm yourself down.. even it takes days or weeks or months..

But God is fair dear.. He knows best about ourselves more than we do.. You need to learn the hard way cause you’re that strong.. not because you are weak.. You are strong enough to make it through and became the better person you are today.. Let it be a reminder to yourself to do things for the good..




I think im to stressed up with life and work.. that’s not good..

This weekend need to do something fun…

even if doing it alone.. hahaha!! ~~

2 thoughts on “A little diary moment

  1. jimmy532

    Kinda feel the same.. started last year and still feeling it.. just hope for the best and put absolute trust to Almighty..


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