2012 to 2013

Pada tanggal hari ini, bermula lah kembali kiraan 1 hingga 365 hari..

It is always today I’d think to myself, what had happened the past one year.. the past 365 days..

and for the first time after years, I got to say.. It was one of the best year I ever had…. =)


Personally.. I grew up alot this year.. I learnt things i never knew about myself.. about people… I became someone I think is better than before.. Maybe I am still the lazybump but at least on other aspect.. better.. hehe..

Career.. I think I am having fun with the work.. Good people surround me.. Of course there’s glitch here and there but that’s something I have to learn and grow out..

Others.. I had fun travelling… I did some activities that I miss a lot and already planning to do more this year.. Got 2 additional members to the Rahim’s clan… which is always fun!! And of course those journeys of life that is better to keep to oneself and embrace it.. The moments whether its hard or fun.. it has it side affect on me the least and nothing for me to regret about.. But be happy it did happen.. =)

I don’t know about yours but I will miss 2012~

Oh and prolly, just a lil snip it of myself in 2012..

b760b0b8-e367-44fa-8fc7-5a282916b819wallpaper 5af85583-ee69-403d-a520-3029e28f388bwallpaper

Welcome 2013~~


This year.. I’m planning big things to happen to myself.. and every year i keep on telling myself that we can only plan.. InsyaAllah..

I’m planning to get my sandal and sports shoe to wear this year.. I got the shoe for my birthday present and sandal for self satisfaction..  so its time to use them to the max.. ehehe… I hope so laa at least.. So I myself am expecting a lot of pictures =D

Other than that.. I just hope for a better year ahead..InsyaAllah.. Ameen~~

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