Monthly Archives: December 2012

Spelling Gone Wrong #012


i was hungry but i dont understand why should a desert be in the picture? lagi kering tekak aku ade ler… hehehe

correction: Dessert

yessss!!! aku happy hari ni sebab dh lame tk spot kesalahan ejaan orang!! *fill in with evil look*

For a little precious one

This is for a friend and i would really like and love it if you could spread the words..

let’s help Oya’s friend to win a pool for her theraphy. it means a lot to her for it will help her walk.insyaallah.1 fine day. pls click this link and like the photo.
god bless


A productive day….


Yeah..! Had a great day today.. went out early than usual today for a quick shopping hehhe then went to saujana golf club for business meeting then lunch.. then balik kemas2 umah, bg igie makan then cabut to Bangi.. otw, brother in law ckp si kenet qeela da kuar! Hehehe..

What a day for me =D i loike!!