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Spelling Gone Wrong #011


This is not REALLY a spelling mistake but more like handwriting mishap hehe…

1- Talapla.. shud have been talapia.. bt the dot somehow doesnt want to be alone.. hehe.. jadilah takpela talapla
2- tahu… shud have been tauhu… kalau tahu penyet… mmg aku forever tak nak tahu hehe.. nnt kene penyet..
3- payah… saya tahu kakak bersusah payah nk penyet menatang-menatang tuh.. tp tak usah lerrr nk letak atas board… simpan ajer dalam hati.. pastu kenekan service charge hehehehe

Oleh itu… please digitally type your menu list and check your spelling cause you’ll never know when i’ll be around your area hehehehe


Spelling Gone Wrong #010


Its not that clear but what was written is “salles girl wanted”

If they are not refering to haji salleh’s daughter, i think they are saying “sales girl wanted” hehehehe