Spelling Gone Wrong #009

Sometimes, keyboard, handphones *smart atau tidak* especially with auto correct features, suke suki menjahanamkan spelling anda.. sometimes, to a very inappropriate word..

Tapi hak nih.. sah jari laju sgt.. =D

Aniesonick dolu2 pun slalu tuang kelas… hehehhe *calittttt*

6 thoughts on “Spelling Gone Wrong #009

  1. Mari

    Anis-San, Is this you? If so, I am so glad you have a blog and I can still keep up with you and whatever wonderful Anis-like things you might be doing!

      1. Mari

        =) NP. It’s so nice to find you and keep up with you. Also, Google translator may help when I translate to two or three languages to cross-reference and make sure that the translator is not grossly malfunctioning.

  2. ~gedek!

    Satu lagi sebab keyboard phone tu terlalu halus untuk jari uncle yang gebu ni… (Okey, untuk komen ni uncle baca dua kali… takut salah lagi… Baahaha..!)


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