Goshh.. it has been almost 2 months!! I was quite busy.. didn’t have time for myself, my friends *which i miss them dearly* and have no time to update my blog.. It has been crazy.. i do want to update my blog but with limited internet access.. well, you know the drill..

I’ll not bore you with what happened to me, rather, i’d like to share with you a lot of stuff!

First and for most, it was Raya!! Selamat Hari Raya!! *walaupun, today, officially, it’s 1st Zulqaedah*

Raya was OK.. there were my parents, my second sister’s family and myself.. yang lain, balik kampung husband masing2.. well, i got to celebrate raya only for 3 days and i’m off for work.. yea.. i sensed it too.. Workaholic.. But it was something nothing can be done.. fine~~ on top of that, ade submission… gosh~~

Then it was in Chiang Mai.. It was.. intense.. but with a good end.. sebab dapat tgk gajah.. ahhaha!! I know you can see it it A’Famosa tapi sebab takde orang nak sponsor i pi Melaka tengok gajah.. Chiang Mai pun Chiang Mai lahh.. hehehehe.. If i got it right, what they can offer in CM and Melaka is almost the same; painting elephant, playing football and elephant ride.. but the best thing about the ride was it is a 30 minutes ride on a hill side route.. Hence, kinda cool.. *cough* creepy for me too *cough*..

Then one of the events was to float paper lanterns or the Thai call ’em Lanna.. Kinda cool laa.. first time for me.. so agak jakun.. hahaha! It was still something nice.. I remember back in school, I saw this before.. Dolu2, chinese does this.. But if I got it right, it was band because after that, the lanterns would fall back and fall in the sea.. The turtles would then eat em and die.. thus, extinction.. So, government says, no good! band!! but then again.. sayang kite tak dapat buat dah.. It’s kinda nice you know..

Well.. these are a few of my happenings the past 2 months.. InsyaAllah, I’ll update more tomorrow or the day after since my sister is delivering a baby!! woohoo!! Can’t wait!!

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