Spelling Gone Wrong #006



Try to look for “kertas hitam” and “bilik hancur”..

To all business guys out there, please try to at least write your advertisement in word so you can see for spelling mistakes or to banting  /advertisement personnel, have the courtesy to change the spelling if you know it is wrong..


On the side note: ape rase makan chicken chop with the gravies diorg tulis tuh? hehehe~~

1 thought on “Spelling Gone Wrong #006

  1. jimmy532

    Dah lama tak letak komen.. nak komen sikit tp off dari post atas ,,,

    Sempena hari yg mulia ni saya ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kpd Anis seisi keluarga!! Maaf kalau ada tersilap komen yg menyakitkan hati.. x sengaja hehe


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