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Spelling Gone Wrong #006



Try to look for “kertas hitam” and “bilik hancur”..

To all business guys out there, please try to at least write your advertisement in word so you can see for spelling mistakes or to banting  /advertisement personnel, have the courtesy to change the spelling if you know it is wrong..


On the side note: ape rase makan chicken chop with the gravies diorg tulis tuh? hehehe~~

Spelling gone wrong #005


Venue: restaurant arab di Kerteh

Mungkin di arab, diorg tukar “a” jadi “e”macam orang nogori… Kire cam, orang dior ni sepupu sepapat laa kut sbb tabiat lebih kurang… Ehehe

By the way, i did search for the meaning and it actually means EASILY ANNOYED OR IRRITABLE.. Now, putting it together, it becomes “more easily annoyed, more healthy” nw dat doesnt sounds right at all.. Lagi stress ado laa hehehe

Mati di telan zaman..

Huh.. pagi-pagi dah ade perkataan mati… aduhh~~ hehe..

pagi-pagi ni jugak laaa, orang mengetuk dinding kat umah bawah neh.. aduh~~ pakcik, saya nak tdo lame sket pun takle tau pakcik..

bukan pakcik itu yang aku nak bercerita kan..

aku nak citer ala2 berkaitan ngan kamera pakai buang atau omputih sebut disposable camera.. macam gambar from the previous entry…

klu dolu2, camera pakai buang ni agak2 cam tak famous pun rasenye.. sbb rase cheap gile.. and it doesn’t have zoom in, zoom out feature, pre-focus, preview of your picture and the list goes on.. but its kinda neat in the sense that, you could use it, when you are done with it, send it off to kedai and u get your pictures out… ehehehe..

what funny about it is, we who aged 25 *maybe* and above may or may not know this disposable camera.. but below, they might know this is a camera but doesn’t know what or how it functions.. like this one colleague of mine, he is below 25, and i had this camera on my desk. He took it, and asked “camera ape nih? how do u use it? where is the kodak? how to zoom? can it detect face?”

On a different note: it shud be film, and not kodak.. kodak name brand.. cam gosok gigi dgn colgate when it should be tooth paste.. pandai btul budak2 skang..

so, as i was saying, they cannot comprehend the fact that it is soooooo…. simple, that even zoom pun tarak… come to think  of it, betul laa… old camera doesnt have zoom function.. But the film DSLR? i think got laa kut.. tak penah and will not check.. simply lazy =D

Another contoh…

I feel sad if you don’t know why these two are together…

God knows what else are out there that some just forgotten oredi..  If we talk about junk foods, there are these….

and this…

and we still have these

Just like my previous entry jugak, There are things in life that for some reason, everyone does it.. or at least in Malaysia.. How we have synced mind for all kids mase kecik2.. tak yah laa nak iCloud laa, bluetooth laa.. mmg naturally, dah di-sync, untuk main benda yang same.. Contoh, main ngan kipas, buat bunyi getar-getar.. nowadays, airconditioner… you can’t apply that… ado sejuk paru paru tuh kang…

but those were the days.. the current generation, they talked about Sega *tuh actually, my era lagi*, then move to play station, xbox, psp, and god knows ape lagi console games ade skang..

Nanti, klu rajin, I’ll try to find out about console games plak.. mcm mane rupenye evolution game neh..

Sekian, Terime acehhhh….

Spelling Gone Wrong.. Again #004

Orite.. so slame ni,aku slalu tulis spelling goes wrong for mostly english spelling..

Kali ni, kite tgk spelling mistake in BAHASA MALAYSIA plak…

selaku orang terengganu celup, memang kami suke menambah -ng di hujung pangkal sesuatu perkataan especially perkataan yang berakhir dengan “n”… Kelantan suke memendek kat perkataan.. Negeri suke tukar “e” kepada “o”… dan sebagainye.. Secare pendeknye, malaysia ni mmg variety laa loghat die..

tapi, kite ade bahasa malaysia default untuk digunakan seluruh malaysia.. especially utk benda2 formal i.e. papan tanda, advertisement board and lalalalala… tapi im  not sure what goes wrong ngan gambar neh..

kalau korang tak nampak, sepatutnyakan benda tuh tulis “KENDERAAN PANJANG” tapi rase ni lori KL.. instead, die tulis “KENDERAAN PANGJANG”

ganas ganas…..