Itulah celebration nye.. It was definitely a surprise when they, my family, surprised me with the cake.. Of course i had a good surprise too even before my birthday hehehe… U noe who u r.. 😉

As you grow older, birthday is just another day that starts in the morning and ends in the night.. Nothing extraordinary.. Sometimes i wonder, what is it that people actually celebrate that day.. A day to be thankful that u r born and still live or a day of what malay say “dunia kate pergi, kubur kate mari”…

Tapi jn short, everyday pun umur kite bertambah.. Tp kadang2, ape yang ade dalam otak and how things are perceived tk kire umur.. I let that skip dulu sbb itu dalam category buat ambe menyampah… *sumpah seranah sesorang sbb saket hati*

bosan laa plak citer pasal my birthday… Pape pun, terime kaseh kepade yang mengingati tarikh yang tk penting itu… Saye terharu *sob sob* kerane ande mengingatinye..

Ok.. Bosan dah citer pasal bende ni.

Sekian time kaseh…


2 thoughts on “Celebration!!

  1. jimmy532

    So Mak Teh dah 26.. tahniah lg! mana gambar *joget2 cucuk bulan*nya hehehe..

    Perasan sebijik lg wishlist kena strikethrough.. terasa nk bagi gak hadiah tp xde alamat.. & x cukup duit 😉


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