Pink Elephant..

So, that day I was telling about my trip to Vietnam.. then I think few weeks after, I went to Thailand..

Memang menarik negara gajah neh.. At first, I thought I was the only one who realized this but, heck, no biggie.. but one week in Thailand, it is NOT a coincidence that everything seems PINK-ISH..

*saje buat gedik sket background die.. hehehe*

Apparently, semua benda warne pink.. From left to right,

1- PINK banner advertisement

2- PINK cab

3- PINK t-shirts and shirt, worn buy not just ladies, but even gents mind you!

4- PINK helmets, almost worn everywhere!!

5- PINK rails *look  carefully* and PINK advertisement bears!!

6- PINK building!! (0.o)

I’m not a big fan of pink.. but this, is just major obsessed with pink.. tuh ade gambo i tak amek lagi tuh.. Canopies in PINK, stall umbrella’s in PINK, modified bumper on a car also PINK *which ade gambar die.. sat…

oh takde lahh.. dlm thumbdrive.. mls nak bukak..

but yes! almost everything literally is pink.. memang taksub gile..

But Thailand is fun laaa.. makan memang tak hengat dunie.. SEAFOOD die mmg awesome laaa… TOMYAM die mmg untuk bunuh orang.. especially when you dont eat spicy food like myself.. Kalau P Ramlee bleh amek bau and kenyang , aku nih, tahap bau ajer tak mencukupi.. nafsu makan dah berjaye conquer…

tak percaye? sile lihat..

*sengaje letak besar2 bagi korang bulat mate, tgk ape aku kitorg makan*

*Side Note: saya sorang jer muslim waktu neh… so sume minum “air teh” saye je minum air hitam..kne gak buat disclaimer, kang free2 blog neh kene rate*

nasib seafood..memang every night laa makan seafood.. kalau everymonth camni, gout laa… siap ade ikan lipat cam nak tendang bola sepak takraw, udang galah yang kene chop baekk punya.. kene plak ketam sumbat ngan mee hoon.. perghhh… aku sebut sume nih pun, air liur dh start building up nak meleleh… *cepat2 cari tisu nak lap* My boss was literally drenched from his own sweat eating all these foods and spicy soup.. memang terbaek.. dessert die, dpt makan pulut ngn mangge.. in the end, i skipped the pulut, i ate all the mangoes.. ngeh ngeh.. ado ko kasi pulut waktu dh konyang?? bagi lerr mango ko, rambutan ko, longan ko.. sojuk sket..

Conclusion: Every country has its own special trade, tourism trade, business trade etc.. It can be funny to some, it can be offensive to some and it can be something normal to some.. But what ever it is, these stuff are the things we should capture the moments cause for all you know, one day in the future, these culture and speciality might just fade away..

4 thoughts on “Pink Elephant..

  1. jimmy532

    ye?! nmpak sgt tak sabar nk ucap hehe.. ok ucap sekali lg, Selamat hari lahir sonick! btul dh tarikhnye kali ni, mkn byk2 mcm dlm gmbr ;P


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