Yea, not really a fan of reading but if i do, it is because of recommendation… And buku ini was recommended by a friend who ade tempias2 alasan utk buku ini dipublishkan.. Hafta say, walaupun bahase melayu die tahap sastera yang aku xberape nak fhm, but it is a good book… REALLY am personally recommending to others to read it..

Unfortunately, it is not in any nearest stores to u.. Die ala2 exclusive gitewwww *gedik sket* tgk kat member akunye blog neh or just leave me a comment and will get one for u… MYR30 jahhhh… Not expensive lerhhh, cheap one… Summore can claim income tax *errr, kne cek ngn tukang jual, if ade resit tak*

But seriously, when was ur last time beli buku? Newspaper dan magazine terkecuali okie… My last book was this one laa but before this book was a selfhelp book.. About how to be a good self accountant cum financial advisor for urself… Tapi secara umumnta, buku itu mmg tak akan dan tak mungkin di habeskab oleh aniesonick hehehe… Tp janji claimable ngahaha!!

Nowadays, jarang sungguh kite nampak orang pegang a HARDCOPY book.. Sume nye softcopy.. Alasan, dah ade technology baru… But the feel tak same… Sungguh laaa xsame… D feel and smell of the papers everytime u flip that pages… Its just different lah.. I once got a book as my birthday present.. I love it!! It was my sophomore year in college and this friend belikan buku tajuk tk igt ape.. It was a cute book la and i have always appreciated his gift… Orang kate, member yang boleh digune pki laaa hehehe…

Book stores pun dh kurang orang… Though i was pleasurely surprised by the last book carnival.. I didnt go but my friends said it was packed!! Which is good cause then i know that ppl in Malaysia still reads BOOK.. Not e-book… I just hope this writers still write books and publish them hardcopy rather than just publish them online.. Even manuals or articles on the site/online, i will still prefer reading it on hardcopy sbb lagi… Effective that way for me…

Pape pun, beli lah buku naga itu dan terus lah membace naskah keras *direct translation*

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