yesss!! will be one year older!! InsyaAllah, selagi diizinkan =p

so, because of that, I thought, why not.. i put up my wish list.. it doesnt have to be what i want for my birthday.. it can be my own motivation to work harder for it.. at least, that’s what i’ve been doing.. cume this time, i’m putting it public.. sebab i kinda told someone i will put it up hehehehe..

Tapi bile dah duduk camni, takde laa wishes nye.. just nak balik and tido.. *semalam tak dapek tido…*

one thing i dont put in the wish list is, i like it to be a SURPRISE!! hehehe.. nak jugak rase di-surprise-kan.. skali laa orang buatkan surprise.. and it was one of the best surprise ever! hehehehe.. Thanks to AA *name shall be put in abbreviation heehehe*

then again, like AA is reading my blog pun kan.. hehh..

sebenornye, letak tuh sajer suke2.. but betul laa i want what i wrote.. just a mental reminder for myself.. so jangan rase oblige utk belikan, ok? hahahahhaa!!

5 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. jimmy532

    ooo baru perasan.. sport shoe, ok.. wall climbing, ok.. ipod touch, ok.. Fairlady? Nissan fairlady?! pergg.. ada depan rumah sebijik member punya

  2. secret admirer

    Dun be suprised if AA read your blog including this one…..hehehe…next suprise will come, when? Supriseeeeeee….


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