As promised..

Hari tuh, i promised to upload gambar pi Taiping.. sebenarnye, ade 2 keping jer.. satu tuh, ulang byk kali sbb blurr laa, ape laa…

Do you see the name of the stall? hehehe.....

Congratz Ms, I mean Mrs Zurina!
*by the way, she's pregnant too!!*

Thanks Zul sbb teman Anis! hehehe.. oh and teman rempit balik KL jugak.. haha!

Itu cerita Taiping yang brape bulan lepas daa…

On to something a lil more present laa dak..

Last weekend balik Terengganu.. The main purpose was because to visit my grandma who is now bedridden.. She could stand up but something about her back bone that made her not able to stand up that long..

Citernye, we have lubricants between bones right.. so the liquid actually froze and became something like stalagmite.. so the pointy part actually poke the back of my grandma, hence the pain.. because she is 92 YEARS OLD, *ye, saye pun kagum sekejap*, to operate it out sangat la risky walaupun, doctor check, her organs are ALL IN TIP TOP SHAPE.. *ade kamu malu nak ngaku muda skang?* so skang, nothing much we can do though ade laa a few care suggested by some relatives.. InsyaAllah, dipanjangkan umur nenek lagi…


So she was doing fine laa except the bedridden part laa.. So kami *kakak-kakak dan diri saya* selaku cucu cucu yang agak kurang asem, kami pi mandi main pantai.. al-maklum laa, anak-anak sedare saya, semua jakun pantai.. hak tue2 skit jer tau ape itu pantai.. yang kecik2, sume tak penah pijak kat pantai.. So, kami yang prihatin, bawak laa mereka… I’ll let pictures say all the 1000 words..

*oleh kerane tetibe wordpress xmo upload gmbr, i update kemudian..”


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