I’m grateful to Him and to Him i bow..

I was so happy yesterday evening when she called me.. she said, keep it to myself first until she confirms with the doctor.. So I had to wait another 4 hours from telling the whole wide world..

4 hours later, i whatsapp her and yeap.. the news is confirmed..

My lil sister is pregnant!!!!

Ade boleh anak sedare aku comeil nih tak?

She’s not the only one from my family who is pregnant.. My second sister is also pregnant to her third kid!! Alhamdulillah.. a bigger family.. the more the merrier.. so her is due in September 2012 (09.18.12) and my lil sister is due in December 2012 (12.03.12)… wah.. i’m so excited!!! I shall be an aunty of 8 after this!! woohooo!!

tetibe rase tua…damn….

awwwwww.... yang ni, aku letak so when one day im pregnant, tgk gmbr budak nih tiap-tiap hari...

now i realize how much i LOVE babies!! and toddlers!! oh gosh.. they are such adorable creatures!!!!

I just hope you guys will give dua to my sisters so their pregnancy months goes well with no complication and their babies turn to be good muslims…


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