Wanita 101 / Women 101

*post ini telah di-initiate-kan kerana nk bgtau kat orang2 kat luar yg rase diri die lelaki*

for you guys out there… moh lerr blaja pasal perempuan.. korang slalu laaa ckp tak paham pempuan/girlfriend/bini… so lemme tell you  a little bit about we all..

Perempuan ni sgt laa attention seeker.. Macam mane pun ppuan tuh, ego ke, berlagak ke, macho ke, lemah lembut, klakar, cool etc, die musti nak jugak attention tuh… but, dari siapa die nak attention tuh, mungkin berbeza…

kalau yang gediks nak mati, yes, die akan apply to all laki, ppuan, jantan, betina.. selagi orang tuh bernyawa…

tapi yang penting, sepanjang mane pun list seseorang perempuan itu utk mencari attention, die PASTI dan WAJIB nak attention partner die.. so, do not be surprise if that person look very independent, confident but in the end, you got to know, she loves attention from her partner..

so what does guy do?

Just give her the attention!!

1-   yes, you can be busy at times.. but you could always give her the attention, abit, then tell her u r on something.. tell her, later, you’ll msg her back or something.. AND MAKE SURE YOU DO!! guys do tend to forget.. hehehe.. but sometimes, a simple reply from you make so much of a difference to us women.. kitorg ni tak lebih2, simple pun ok.. tp janji ade something…

2-   sometimes, get her something… as small as an ice cream.. no need flowers la, teddy bear laa… but get something just to show you care.. of course, you have to know what she likes laa.. if she doesnt like flowers, don’t give her them.. you are asking for something different all together..

3-   girls LOVE SURPRISES! Nothing extravagant.. like surprise presents… surprise dinner you planned yourself.. surprise kiss.. surprise… anything laa.. again.. small gestures help…

4-   when a woman ask you a favor, they expect u to just say yes.. hahaa! ayat sounds kejam but seriously.. its either two; they really don’t know how to do it, or they know it but sajer gedik.. if they really dunnoe, they might have an idea implanted about you; tak pandai ka laki nih.. biase laki kan tau banyak.. skali, ok laa.. tp banyak kali, jangan terkejut if suddenly, die pi cari laki lain mintak tolong.. so, just try to help her… if she does know how to but act like doesnt know how to, you r in a bigger shit.. first time, ok.. second time, errr ok… third time, what??… again, girls will think u r less capable than her.. and girls don’t want someone less…

yes guys, its hard being a man… hahaha!!

5-  antara paling penting of all, try to puji her once in a while.. yeapp.. we can be vain but heck, untuk tatapan korang jugak.. well, especially bile dah jadi bini kan.. hehehehe.. kalau sebelum, for display only, bleh tgk takle buat pape ok! hehehe.. puji itu menunjukkan keperihatinan anda.. if you don’t try to find something nice about your partner, one day, you will forget it.. and it’s not a surprise if one day, u will forget how to love her too.. everyday or every once in a while, find something nice about her… something she did good.. something you feel appreciated when she does something.. I bet, she will always remember it, and will ALWAYS do it again cause that’s how woman makes u happy in return…

so if you dont like it, dont say you like it.. or you will suffer.. hehehehe

enough laaa.. 5 tips for you guys out there who needs it..

2 thoughts on “Wanita 101 / Women 101

  1. jimmy

    ooooo… [unconsciously taking notes,, and copy & save into my laptop..]

    klau girl yg tulis confirm betul ni.. thanks sonick for the tips, sgt berguna 😉

  2. an1es0n1ck Post author

    hehehe… no hal.. jst that sometimes, some girls *or al lof them termasuk saya* susah nak bgtau.. tak reti nak bgtau.. sbb nanti, u think we all ntah pape.. hehehe
    so i took the opportunity to just luahkan on my blog.. mane tau berguna utk sesape 😉


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