Story of the day..

Hari ni takde citer sebenarnye.. kalau ade pun, its for me to know and for you to find out *ayat sape neh hek?*

I want to upload gambar but mcm tk diizinkan lagi.. tp ade laa sket dh upload on flickr.. sile check if interested =)

Today… I shall talk about………….

5 minutes and i am still blurr..

i uploaded pictures from Kelly’s Castle.. I thought it’s a cool place to visit though.. Of course, there’s only THAT around the area.. if you are passing by or in Perak for some reason and have 30-45minutes to waste, no harm visiting the place…

Want to write more about Thailand but pictures are not made available yet.. so gotta wait for that..

I give up..

Nothing to update.. I will when i do =p

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