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Hujan Emas di negara orang.. investigate and bring back the theory….

When you are in the sales line.. or whatever line you are in; technical ka, customer service ka.. sure ade pros and cons.. Like me, people say syiok sbb i got to go out… jejalan.. makan best2.. jumpe orang.. pastu aku tambah, duk dlm opis skali skale.. wpun at times betul gak aa… hehehe.. tetibe tak nak duk opis, cari customer nak jumpe.. tp still la, kne bawak balik “ikan” laa…

well, on top of that, if you are lucky… dpt laa belayar ke negara2 jiran.. Macam aku pi Vietnam.. Like other countries aku dh set foot on *macam byk sgt* i did find things that are a little bit different from ours and made the trip more interesting.

Weird-interesting stuff i found in Vietnam…

1- you can guess a guy youngness/oldness by looking at their wedding rings.. – It gets smaller, thinner and simpler as you go older =D The young ones would wear those with big diamonds, thick rings and you would notice the glare from far. But the old ones wear some kind like a  wedding band; rather thin, small and dull.. hahaha!! i guess its better than our men; they wear from their early years of marriage, and starts to wear ONLY when there’s events or occasions and then, opt for not wearing at all.. XD

2- Cute guys are usually taken i.e. married – Same goes everywhere… *geleng geleng kepale dalam kekecewaan*

3- Main principal of using the road in Vietnam is “Close your eyes, and walk where your feet brings you to” Quoted from my agent/colleague there.. And it is quite true..

This pakcik literally bike through the opposite traffic.. and no one actually honks at him.. he even asked to make way for him.. Wa tabik sama lu pakcik!!

hak nih pun satu lagi contoh.. You will see in the picture, ade due high schoolers sedang struggle sbb yg belah kanan tuh cam nak jatuh kut.. diorg actually bersame beberape keta and motor lain nak cross laluan kami.. No traffic light or what not.. They would kamikaze-ly lintas.. Kalau ade traffic light pun, it almost feels like its useless.. well at least, most of them..

3- aku rase diorg neh sgt laa innovative.. orang malaysia pun ade jer laa.. tp kali nih aku specific utk orang vietnam.. nnt kalau aku jumpe “hasil karya” orang malaysia, aku buat title lain.. Bende ni aku jumpe mase memule sampai jer, lepas tuh aku tak jumpe dah.. At first, i thought this one girl actually wore a pink nike cap.. So, in my thought was, so their rules weren’t strict. But again, others sume pakai helmet… After taking a closer look, it was  a helmet!! probably to make things easier for those long hair bikers; no bad hair dah for riding bikes..

I thought this was just plain cute too.. She was waiting for her kid *kut* kat dpn kindergarten… Kau tgk budak tuh akan duduk mane? Gile bahaye.. tp kalau aku jd budak tuh; gile syiok weyh!!

5- aku rase 90% of ppl over there actually ride a bike.. They do not have other public transport except cabs and buses. What i have been told, cabs are expensive.. buses are too bad in condition that only those that really has financial issues would take it.. so, they opt for bikes which are cheaper. It almost feels like the bikes are more dominant than the cars; cars can honk how much they want but they are in a BIGGER group that the honks are nothing.. Plus, no one wants to knock down anyone.. that’s just asking for trouble.

okie.. dah ngantok.. idea pun dh ilang.. cukup laa 5 points.. bukan aku gi lame pun.. nnt aku try cari malaysia innovasion yang bleh aku bangge kan =D


I am a jelly pudding with an assam boi inside..

Hari ni abes sume tmpt aku anis sonic saye aku …*ttbe pelik bahasekan diri aku..* tulis ayat keramat tuh.. BB status.. facebook.. kalau boleh twitter pun nak tweet bende tuh.. tp sbb takde account twitter.. so berangan jer laa..

Y that line?

Jawapannye: sbb aku nak cakap yang kat luar jer nak sweet, lemah lembut.. tp kat dalam, masam..

relationship: takde pape kaitan samada yang hidup mau pun yang dah Innalillah.. Ok.. tipu.. sbb aku still idup.. in short, it has to do with me..

kekadang, i feel like i look to.. keperempuanan.. feminin you.. tapi at times, i do bring that personality. sbb aku pompuan secare azalinye.. so, there’s nothing to be shy of… cume during my weekends or holidays, i’ll be myself.. I’m the lay back type.. sempoi laa kate org gemeni.. sbb aku percaye kepade keselesaan.. there’s nothing wrong with t-shirt and jeans… slagi die tak menyalahi undang2, samade civik or syariah..

too much of mengarut..

i’ve been blog hopping the past few days.. dah jadi habit dah for what ever reason.. oh and also, i’m currently addicted to Google+ games; Monstwer World.. rase cam kanak2 kembali.. tapi serius syok main weyh.. hehehe.. so as i was saying.. selain drpd blog links yang telah pun aku linkkan.. aku berjaya jumpe blog2 yang kewl seperti ini, ini dan ini.. beza bloggers ini, diorg lagi kewl dr aku..

the world is not fair.. there is always someone cooler than you..



nahhh.. i think i’m still cool =p


sayugia.. last weekend, aku pi wedding reception kawan kat seremban.. syiok weyh!!

Macam syiok dpt tgk sume neh.. first time kutt pegi Indian wedding.. so dapat laa tengok sume.. yang paling syiok, hak gamba atas tuh.. peacock die.. menjadi wa kong lu!! << means “gua cakap lu” … die punye lentik, sume.. mmg tabik lahh.. benda blakang tuh aka ekor die.. berat kutt.. Not that i’ve tried one but it does seems big and must be heavy..

How i am impressed with Malaysia.. how colorful our country is.. with lots of traditions and cultures.. the believes.. the rituals.. some are funny but that’s how we are brought up and we just tend to follow it through even though as we grow old, we know it’s not true, we still tell our lil ones that same tale..  y? because its fun to make them believe the stupidest =D =D

patriotic kjp yerrr… jarang aniesonick berjiwe patriotic..

perut lapar.. order piza.. bye..

My lil green creature!!!

I dunnoe why, but i like it when he hangs on me like this.. and he’s so big now, that i can feel his weight, hanging on my shirt.. and he was so small before!!!

Oh gosh, my lil green creature is turning into my godzilla soon.. sob sob of happiness =D

I never thought i’d love Iggie as much as i do now.. Walaupun, im not a good caretaker, but i still love him.. that reminds me to give him a good bath today..

People ask how can i even jage this cicak.. well.. honestly, i was scared at first.. but as time goes by, its quite easy..  Tulis biography sket…










He is surprisingly manja.. he likes to be pat on the head.. he would even shoved his head on the hand to get more.. and his snout is a bit cacat *apparently, when he was with the other iggies, they got into fight and peeled off his front snout* so now, he has like a lip =p and it looks cuter than others hehehhe…

God knows how much i love him.. =)

Aniesonick menyampah when #002

#002 – When the person you’re talking on the phone says nothing but hang up the phone….

I mean where’s the courtesy man??? heck yeah, you have nothing else to say already.. I probably have nothing to say too but i do have the courtesy to say bye, why can’t you??? main letak jerrrrr!! Hishhh.. pantang sungguh!! ini sememangnye boleh menimbulkan amarah neh!!! *put in muke bengis*

Please laa, at least an “OK” ke, “Orite” ke.. nih sedar2, beepp beeppp… warghhhhh!!!!!

OK ok.. i took the courtesy to put in doa marah jugak cause i really need this today.. Actually this week… Dari mood okie.. senyum2.. terus bengis..

Maksudnya : “Aku berlindung kepada Allah dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku dan hilangkanlah kepanasan hatiku dan lepaskanlah aku dari gangguan syaitan yang terkutuk.”