Bila manusia angkat diri jadi setan…

Please refer title to this site.

What kind of human would do such a thing? The baby is a small child!! I feel really disgusted reading this.. I really pitty the person who threw the baby.. Such a sane person would never do that..

My friend just delivered a baby boy and he is such cutey.. I am not the mother and I do have the love towards the baby.. The feeling you want good things to happen to the baby.. You pray for his future.. Orang melayu kate sejuk hati memandang.. TIpu laa if you have never heard mothers said while giving birth, it’s like going through hell but once the baby is out, you don’t give a damn.. You forgot how hard it was.. All this 9 months, berbaloi rasenyer..

And how i wonder, what kind of a human yang membuang budak tuh.. The fact that the baby is HEADLESS AND FOOTLESS.. Ya Allah.. aku tak tahu nak mintak keampunan to the parents or should i ask utk orang bertanggungjawab tuh kene hukuman terus.. Kejam sungguh.. tak sampai hati kut nak buang bayi camtuh jer.. Diorg nih, mmg kalau dpt tangkap should just rejam sampai mati.. rejam smbl kene gantung tangan kat siling.. pastu half naked.. biar kene kulit2 trus.. Yes, mungkin hukuman ni bunyi kejam tp ape lah rasenye banding ngan baby yang tak tahu pape tuh.. suci murni lagi kut baby tuh..

Tensen aku pagi2 lah!!

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