bile kemalasan melande

When laziness comes into the picture, you just see yourself do nothing.. gile syiok weyhh!!

but what can i do when you have cicak kat rumah dat you need to feed… you have a cat that you gave your parents to adopt.. and you have a-big- ass-self to feed oso.. hehehehe… so, here i am in the office.. updating my blog.. hehehe..

I’ve been wanting to do so for a long time now.. but i ended up not publishing it.. its either half way done and i lost my words.. or i just totally forgot what i want to say.. or I just dunnoe what to say =D jeles jugak reading others blog and they have updates, might not be everyday but at least something..

That reminds me..

Happy new year!! *padahal dah nak sepurnama dah kutttt*

tapi nasib ade chinese new year.. so kire ok lagi laa kan? =p

friend got married last weekend and it was a lil bit different.. sbb ade bunga api buluh.. syiok gile weyh!!!

syiok nih weyhh!!

Hamek kau!! mmg i was grinning all the way laa amek gambar bunga api neh.. dah siap beriye2 cakap with the girls..

Sonick: aku kawen, aku nak pasang bunga api laaa.. syiok gile!!

Hikmah: tapi kau sure kawen kat dewan..

Daia: tuh aa.. mcm adek kau..

Sonick: tak kire, aku panggil pyro specialist.. kan diorg bleh buat api pancut2 kat dewan..

Hikmah: mane bleh.. dewan ade fire detector

sonick: takpe.. aku buat kat luar dewan =D

When there’s a will, there’s a way.. camtuh laa aku mase tuh.. hehehe

skang fikir balik… amende ntah aku pikir.. takde pekdah nye.. ape2 pun, aku nak mase aku kawen, ade spot light.. baru center of attention.. and for definite, people have their eyes on you without making you that much of a desperado.. make sense ke?

So my friends and i went to Kulim, Kedah and since we brilliantly expected traffic for chinese new year, we decided to take train.. yeap.. KTM y’all!! and have to say, it was one old school station i tell ya.. Bukit Mertajam station even has rooms that is spelled old school way!

Ok lah.. I think i’ll update more on my flickr.. feel free to comment here or there =D


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