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Bila manusia angkat diri jadi setan…

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What kind of human would do such a thing? The baby is a small child!! I feel really disgusted reading this.. I really pitty the person who threw the baby.. Such a sane person would never do that..

My friend just delivered a baby boy and he is such cutey.. I am not the mother and I do have the love towards the baby.. The feeling you want good things to happen to the baby.. You pray for his future.. Orang melayu kate sejuk hati memandang.. TIpu laa if you have never heard mothers said while giving birth, it’s like going through hell but once the baby is out, you don’t give a damn.. You forgot how hard it was.. All this 9 months, berbaloi rasenyer..

And how i wonder, what kind of a human yang membuang budak tuh.. The fact that the baby is HEADLESS AND FOOTLESS.. Ya Allah.. aku tak tahu nak mintak keampunan to the parents or should i ask utk orang bertanggungjawab tuh kene hukuman terus.. Kejam sungguh.. tak sampai hati kut nak buang bayi camtuh jer.. Diorg nih, mmg kalau dpt tangkap should just rejam sampai mati.. rejam smbl kene gantung tangan kat siling.. pastu half naked.. biar kene kulit2 trus.. Yes, mungkin hukuman ni bunyi kejam tp ape lah rasenye banding ngan baby yang tak tahu pape tuh.. suci murni lagi kut baby tuh..

Tensen aku pagi2 lah!!

Aniesonick menyampah when…#001

#001 – When a guy talks about work…. A LOT… A LOOOOTTTTTT….¬†

I know, some guys don’t have a FUN life and work is the only INTERESTING thing about you.. But do you know, at times, girls don’t give a damn about it?

We want to talk about what you have done today.. we want to know what make you happy on normal days.. We want to know if you like ghost movie or action movie..

Because we want to feel like we are part of you guys.. At least we know, you spilled your coffee in the meeting.. at least we know you must drink coffee early in the morning to keep you going everyday.. at least we know what movie to choose if we go out on a date.

chehhh.. rase cam jiwang skjp.. saya ada taman dihati ok..

There’s nothing wrong talking about work… tp imagine if girls only talks about make up, or Oprah Winfrey.. you understand and ok to listen once in awhile.. but every day jumpe ckp pasal keje, muntah darah kut..

Cakap pasal keje je fine lagi.. kene plak yang mengangkat diri sendiri and how he’s the best.. how he can dominate the office, semua orang dgr ckp die, outstanding worker bla bla bla.. yada yada… pot pet pot pet.. itu jer aku dgr lepas tuh tau..

Nak up kan diri, nak tunjuk diri tuh penting kat opis tuh, tak yah brag.. tak yah berlagak.. it will show one day that you are good in what you do, even without telling.. People have brain, eyes and ears to see, listen and conclude that you are good or not..

haih.. penat dgn orang2 camni.. tak yah ckp laki laa.. ppuan same actually..

tapi kalau laki lagi menyampah.. =p

bile kemalasan melande

When laziness comes into the picture, you just see yourself do nothing.. gile syiok weyhh!!

but what can i do when you have cicak kat rumah dat you need to feed… you have a cat that you gave your parents to adopt.. and you have a-big- ass-self to feed oso.. hehehehe… so, here i am in the office.. updating my blog.. hehehe..

I’ve been wanting to do so for a long time now.. but i ended up not publishing it.. its either half way done and i lost my words.. or i just totally forgot what i want to say.. or I just dunnoe what to say =D jeles jugak reading others blog and they have updates, might not be everyday but at least something..

That reminds me..

Happy new year!! *padahal dah nak sepurnama dah kutttt*

tapi nasib ade chinese new year.. so kire ok lagi laa kan? =p

friend got married last weekend and it was a lil bit different.. sbb ade bunga api buluh.. syiok gile weyh!!!

syiok nih weyhh!!

Hamek kau!! mmg i was grinning all the way laa amek gambar bunga api neh.. dah siap beriye2 cakap with the girls..

Sonick: aku kawen, aku nak pasang bunga api laaa.. syiok gile!!

Hikmah: tapi kau sure kawen kat dewan..

Daia: tuh aa.. mcm adek kau..

Sonick: tak kire, aku panggil pyro specialist.. kan diorg bleh buat api pancut2 kat dewan..

Hikmah: mane bleh.. dewan ade fire detector

sonick: takpe.. aku buat kat luar dewan =D

When there’s a will, there’s a way.. camtuh laa aku mase tuh.. hehehe

skang fikir balik… amende ntah aku pikir.. takde pekdah nye.. ape2 pun, aku nak mase aku kawen, ade spot light.. baru center of attention.. and for definite, people have their eyes on you without making you that much of a desperado.. make sense ke?

So my friends and i went to Kulim, Kedah and since we brilliantly expected traffic for chinese new year, we decided to take train.. yeap.. KTM y’all!! and have to say, it was one old school station i tell ya.. Bukit Mertajam station even has rooms that is spelled old school way!

Ok lah.. I think i’ll update more on my flickr.. feel free to comment here or there =D


Tolonglah bertobat…

Hari-hari weekdays, without fail, saya akan bace blog Ondscene..

Hari-hari juga saya bace kepala orang kene gilis ngan lori ler, keta ler.. tau tak ngeri tgk otak atas jalan?

korang-korang yang bawak motor tuh, tolong lah be extra careful sket.. sungguh laa ape government kite cakap; Sayangilah keluarga anda.. or Ingatilah yang tersayang.. bayangkan muke diorg tengok otak korang berselerak atas jalan.. polis2 kene laaa angkat2, kutip2 otak korang.. aduyyy…

yang bawak keta pun satu.. tau laa ade skill drifting tp selagi tak dapat lesen professional, please.. don’t show off or you’ll be thrown off.. pastu mule laa terlekat kat dlm keta la, tercampak kuar keta laa, kaki terkehel laa.. itu tak ngeri tp sungguh tak berbaloi just bcause of nak show off..

tp ade jugak yg kene gilis kepale tuh, disebabkan jalan itu sendiri yang “berpuaka”.. not safe laa orang putih cakap.. sian pakcik2, makcik2 yang mmg dah rabun, bawak malam, lagi laa rabun.. free2 tercampak atas jalan, pastu keta F1 neh, memecut laju lalu ternaek “nature bumper” tadi.. berkecai…. adussss…..

bukan salah satu, bukan salah dua.. tp salah pada semua.. Government kene laa make sure jalan2 berpuaka nih di “exorcism”kan dlu.. kate name lain, tolong buat jalan tuh selamat.. si motorist, sile laa take note of jalan2 yang merbahaya kepada anda.. keta2 pun same.. one good thing leads to another and another.. InsyaAllah selamat..

So hari nih, kalau anda nampak sesape naek Myvi putih bawak slow gile cam siput babi, itulah keta saya =D