when even sky is not a limit

I wrote once about people being open minded.. I’ve seen and experienced where people are genuinely open minded and “openminded”… But none has yet to trigger me to say anything to their faces…

In my working world, my line specifically, we need to keep rapor with customers. Some would end up being best friends and that is the ultimate satisfaction for me.. We help each other better… We tell them off if things doesn’t go right because we want better for each other… Org melayu ckp kutuk mengutuk tuh, no hal laaa weyhh…. Hehehe

But last nite, dis perempuan, dis s**t, actually poked a bad button… So she drinks…. And probably some other stuff I assume she does but am not gonna say it here.. Of course am not ok about her drinking especially when she sat next to me.. I tot, with me around, she would slow down or stop drinking…. But NOOO she kept on drinking… Even our chinese customer doesn’t drink..

I was disgusted the thought of she drank like nobody business… Without no respect, putting heineken bottle in front of my plate… And what made me flipped was she had d nerves to teach my colleague and I, how to do sales…. Rase nak sepak *ngan tgn, bukan kaki* je minah takde adab tuh….

She actually said, sales and marketing kene laa open up sket… Kene laa join benda cam karaoke, buat itu ini…. Kalau tak susah laa nak buat sales. My friend is a freehair and all too but she knows her limitation… She told the minah that at certain point, we escalate to our bosses. And she was like, ” camtu rugi, u tak buat sendiri” and I was so ticked off I said ” it is well structured procedure… We have our limitations… People are different, and there are ways to do things. Its not all about entertainment but also how you deal with em n ur brain…”

And I got to shut her filthy mouth…

I don’t know to pray for her to be better or pray to God to just punish her…. But I know, god has better plans for her…. Ameen….

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